The Honest Car Dealer — It Is Not a Myth!

A sprawling urban area, such as Edmonton, has its more than fair share of car dealerships, like Edmonton dodge dealers. The place has so many showrooms and visiting each and every one of them is literally a tedious task.

Of course, each of us is looking for that “perfect” car, where quality and affordability can meet halfway. But which car dealership do we have to put our faith into? Well, it turns out there is one whom we could trust: The “honest” car dealer.

Before you start laughing, let us explain first: in places like Edmonton, you cannot count the number of dealerships, like Edmonton jeep, with two hands alone — they are just that many here. But then again, there is a standard where you can gauge a dealership’s reliability — find the “honesty” factor.

And with all of them looking so much alike, that factor becomes a powerful necessity. Not only do they “look” like each other’s dealerships, it’s a sure shot that they’ve also got the same stocks, the same prices, and the same inventories.

So how do we spot that magic factor?

By now, you’ve probably heard of several dealers using that famous party trick known as the “bait-and-switch”. It’s where a dealer hypes up in an ad that they’re offering a special vehicle at an earth-shatteringly low price. So, humans being naturally curious, we then visit that dealer and propose about buying that said car. Lo and behold, said car has already been “sold out”. But that dealer, knowing that s/he has an unwitting customer in his/her claws, counter-proposes an offer for a “similar” vehicle, with the “same” features, transmissions, and perks — except that it’s priced much higher than you expected. Yes, no one doubts of its possible lucrativeness, but it’s downright unethical as well.

Thankfully, more and more dealers, like Edmonton Chrysler, are fighting that “stigma” attached with local dealerships for a while now, and that is with a business model that is not only ingenious, but highly beneficial to both parties: sell what you can only offer. This is one of the tenets of providing a quality customer service-transparency. And you thought that only governments were allowed to be honest.

Honesty is a factor of business acumen. This also means that the dealer, like Edmonton jeep, is more likely to double-check the products’ quality, more likely to organize transactions, and most important of all, more likely to provide an efficient and effective customer service.

So start doing your homework: ask around in your local area, research on all the owners’ feedbacks on some car dealership websites, like that of Edmonton Chrysler online sites, and you can also call and visit these dealerships that you have “shortlisted”.

Just remember that you can’t put a price on quality customer service. Just as long as you feel that you’re being offered a reasonable deal without being the least bit short-changed, then you’re on the right track. Find your honest Edmonton Dodge dealer today.

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