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Wayne Abdullah of Gecko Mobile Wash Speaks

Talent isn’t the only thing that puts you on the top of everything. Sometimes love for nature and strive for excellence are necessary for success. Take Wayne Abdullah of Gecko Mobile Wash for example, he wasn’t your typical business man in town which all concern is to make more money. He instead carries out the desire to be able to help others and carry them with him to the ladder of success. He never greedy nor selfish. All of us have the desire for success; and we follow it in different paths based on our perception. There isn’t such short cut or easy way. Along the way we stumbled, encountered trials and hope abandoned us. But dedicated person such as Wayne was fearless and always have a brave heart. Although waterless car wash was not known before and people often skeptical and sometimes burst to laugh for they find the idea outrageous. He never loses faith and chose to wear happy face every time talking to potential customers, often car enthusiasts.

Being an environmentalist, he always passionate on taking care of the nature, that is how the business started. Gecko Wash believes that a sustainable ecologically sound business is possible. He wanted to develop a car wash service that will not only give the best value to customers but to the environment as well. With the introduction of a revolutionary Eco Friendly Car Care Solution that not only cleans but protect car from harmful elements, he finally realizes his dream. Little by little he manages to materialize the things that once were just merely a pigment of his wild imagination. Although everything turns upside down but at the end victory befriended him. He went from nothing and got everything he wanted. But all those times, he knows where to place himself and who his friends truly are.

Aside from the success he never forgets to help others, he has set his sight on undertaking a more difficult challenge in helping children. In fact he was featured in 30 minutes documentary in local channel about the fundraising events he have done and his future undertakings in helping more children in the future.

Winning isn’t everything, sometimes people count on how you have been a blessings to them rather than showing them how successful you are. waterless car wash has made one dream come true, and Wayne believes that it will make yours too.

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