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Driving In Bad Weather – Think of Trucks Making A Europe Delivery

If you are on the motorways over Christmas chances are you will see truck drivers making a delivery and it might even be your sales items or potential food purchases they are delivering. One thing we know is to leave space and drive slower in bad weather or poor conditions but there are also a few other points to remember when driving close to trucks in bad weather.

1./ If you are in a traditional family car you will be smaller, ligher and harder to see than the 17 tonne truck you are overtaking. The truck driver will be checking his mirrors and making extra checks of his own, so be aware of this before you assume he has seen you. Your car is also far more likely to stop quicker than the weight of the 17 tonne truck so bear this in mind when you overtake that you need to allow plenty of room before you pull back in and you will be shortening his stopping distances.

2./High winds. If you are a regular driver to an area, you will be aware of the potential spots for high winds and can prepare for them but be aware that these can still be un-predictable. High winds can turn over cars or lorries if driving without care. Be aware of this when you are overtaking trucks or other cars. Sudden gusts of winds can happen when you overtake a truck and if you are not prepared it can result in problems.

3./Pay attention to the early warning signs on the motorways and on the local car radios. If you are thinking of traveling make sure you can get traffic updates to know of the potential problem areas on the road. Especially when there is risk of fog or sudden fog patches. Motorway signs will warn of high winds, fog patches or long delays but its best to be aware of them yourself aswell.

4./This should go without saying but take regular breaks from the journey and even plan your rest stops beforehand. If the weather gets too bad or dangerous turn around and head home – don’t risk driving above your capability and driving knowledge.

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