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Honda Jazz: The Most Reliable Car

A survey claims that sleek and inexpensive cars are more reliable compared to expensive models. Do you want to know the details? Well, read on.

For some, cheap cars may not be worth the attention. Mainly, this is because people have this state of mind that when you go cheap, you are also buying low quality products. However, a recent survey has proven that car owners who desire reliable automobiles should stick with small and inexpensive cars rather than huge and costly car models.

?Which- s? has made a recent dependable survey about the most reliable car in the market. The survey crowned the Honda Jazz as the most reliable car of Britain. With an outstanding score of 95%, Honda Jazz made a big splash among more than 32,500 cars. The faults, breakdown and niggles of other cars made the Honda Jazz take the top notch. Out of 406 samples of Honda Jazz, only a few were found to have faults and niggles. Plus, Honda auto body parts and engine parts are available almost everywhere. It is just enough for the price of approximately ?8,000, isn’t it?

Following the Honda Jazz, seven cars such as Honda CR-V, Honda Accord, Mazda 3, Toyota Corolla, Subaru Forester plus two outgoing models, Renault Clio and Vauxhall Corsa, parked equally on the 2nd place having a score of 92%.

It was very disappointing for the BMW 5 Series and the Jaguar S-type. Both these vehicles received a score of 83%. And although they were average scores, they are still considered to low knowing that these are good brands. Mercedes-Benz E-class received 42%. It was very unsatisfactory for a luxury car that costs more than ?27,000 to receive such a rating. This is because Mercedes-Benz E-class was noted to have problems. It was also noted that almost 32% of all Mercedes Benz E-class owners need to have the vehicle repaired in less than a year. No other luxury car received a higher score.

This survey shows how practical car owners are. They are more focused on how they can save money by buying inexpensive cars with good quality and excellent functions. Indeed, people are looking for more reliable cars other than luxurious ones. The survey shows how reliable budget cars are that more people buy them instead of pricey automobiles. This study also suggests that instead of purchasing an expensive car model, acquiring a budget car is a practical choice. The price is the only the difference anyway.

Reasons to Finding a Reliable Car Garage

When your vehicle breaks down, you encounter a lot of problems for a week or so unless you get it repaired by a professional auto repair shop in Epsom. And most of the times, the required repairs can cost you a lot of money. This becomes a little difficult for the vehicle-owners who are tight on budget, and so most of the people start looking for cheap and affordable car repairs in Epsom.

For some of the car owners, that means taking the DIY approach by carrying out the car repairs on their own. This might lead to more problems, specifically for people who don’t have any idea about vehicle repairs or with zero knowledge of the inner workings of the modern vehicles. It might also happen that, while they are carrying out the repairs, it actually becomes worse, costing you more money than what they actually expected.

Auto repair shops or garages in Epsom can offer you from car repair to servicing, mot testing or a touch up, to engine and brake repair at cost effective prices. To make sure that you have chosen the best repair shop in Epsom, most of the people look for reputed and established local repair centers or garages that will them the best services at the best price.

In order to find the very best auto repair shop in Epsom, there are many options. The very first, and possible one of the easiest ways, is to look for sale rates and coupons provided by the local repair companies. Even when you are enjoying an absolutely perfect and enjoyable drive on the roads, it’s still important to keep some of the cheap and servicing discount coupons, if you get any special offer by the repair shop.

Also, make sure to get quotes from two or more garages or repair centers operating in your locality. In this way, you will be able to know how much every garage or repair shop charges for the different services. So, you can find the one who will charge you the right price and also offer you with quality services.

If you look online, there are many online auto repair centers who can offer you with quality services at affordable prices. By considering all the tips, you can definitely make the right choice. Next time, you encounter any problem with your car; you know what you exactly need to do.

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