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Ma – Fra Car Care Products of Extreme Quality

The 1965 is a very important year for the economy of a big and glorious country like Italy because in that year a great and revolutionary firm was born, I’m talking about Ma-Fra.

Ma-Fra is well known in the entire world for all its products for the car care and during the years became the leader in this field.

Ma-Fra is famous for his R&D department that every years invents new and innovative products.

The main goal of Ma-Fra is to change the way of use of those products.

This firm has a special care for the planet and produces a very innovative green line.

Saving the planet is one of the main values of Ma-Fra in fact this line uses only highly bio-degradable products like essential oils and vegetables that don’t effects the planet in any way. This line is called Eco-Maf and has a lot of very useful car care products like the shampoos and the products for the professional cleaning of the interiors and the glass of every car.

Being green is not only about using ecologic products and Ma-Fra knows it and that’s why this firm uses a very special care for the choose of dealers and suppliers of his products.

If the eco-sustainability is the main objective Ma-Fra is moving every day a step in the right direction.

But Ma-Fra is not only about the car care, is also bike care, boat care and a lot more.

Today I’d like to introduce you the boat care products , every boat owner knows how important is the care for the inside and the outside of the boat.

The boat line uses the best technology applied to detergents and chemical research.

This new line is divided in two different lines, the first one for the do it yourself lovers and the second one for the professionals.

In the DIY line we can find very useful products like Dolphy, a revolutionary product for the boat care, with it we can clean all the glass of our boats, and all the plastic parts. It’s easy to use and easy to rinse, this revolutionary product ensure the best result with the minimum effort, and using Dolphy reguarly kepps the craft clean and like new for years.

Dolphy is produced with natural products and it’s environmental friendly.

Another product that I suggest is called Woody and as the name says it’s the ideal for the wood and teak parts of the boat.

It’s a two in one products, in fact pure it clean perfectly and diluted and used regularly it gives to the wood the original beauty that your boat deserves.

Why You Should Try Out Magnaflow Exhaust Products

When you ask for advice about an aftermarket exhaust system, you get to hear a lot of options from the people who have had encounters with several brands. You need an exhaust product that will give you quality service and not have to rush to race to the repair shop year in year out.

I will give you 5 reasons why you should consider MagnaFlow.

Stainless steel

These products are made of stainless steel. While other metals will easily rust, MagnaFlow is build to endure long years of use and abuse. Not only does stainless steel not rust, but it is hardy. If you are a racer, the vehicle is subjected to a lot of external forces. While other metals will remain with dents after an impact the stainless steel will remain in shape.

Band Clamps

MagnaFlow exhaust pipes are interconnected by use of band clamps. These hold them firmly in place so that there are no loose pipes and leakages. Some brands of exhaust systems are welded. The welding can cause the pipes to bend or create dents that cause leakages. The welded pipes are not also dismantled unlike the ones connected by the band clamps which can easily be loosened and the system dismantled during repair or cleaning.

X and Y intersections

The MagnaFlow exhaust pipes are designed such that they have less bends and do not cause resistance of gases coming out of the system. The X and Y intersections are designed in that there is no resistance in transmission of gases from single to dual or dual to dual exhaust systems. The transition of gases from one pipe to another should smooth so the performance of the vehicle is not affected.

Suitable diameters

The diameter of the exhaust systems really do matter. The best diameter is one that will give maximum output of gases from the engine. The bigger the engine, the larger the diameter of the exhaust should be. This is because the larger engines produce more gases and if there is difficult in removal of these gases, the performance will be compromised. MagnaFlow offers a range of diameters of exhaust pipes and tips that you will choose according to your type of vehicle. A small car will not use the same size of exhaust tips as a SUV.


MagnaFlow offers some of the best mufflers there are in the market. A stainless steel muffler will not easily rust. These mufflers are also designed for customization whereby they range from quiet to loud and also designed for all varieties of drivers, from the regular street driver to a racer.

When you want to install an aftermarket exhaust system, consider MagnaFlow and get the best high quality services at pocket friendly prices.

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