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Parking in Moab

Here are some ideas for visitors to better navigate Moab for parking to access downtown.

For smaller vehicles, there is a city parking lot behind the store fronts of down town. You access it from Center Street on the west side of Main Street. It is an unassuming lane before you reach 100 West, just past Sew Moab. It is a tricky little lane to find and very worth while to stroll the shops and dine in the heart of Moab.

Seek the Middle School behind City Market on 100 East. Trees line the road, so you are likely to get shade for the setting sun using this site for evening parking; then utilize the charming walking path across 300 S to wind your way into downtown Main Street.

RVs can turn east onto 100 South. At the end of the Best Western Greenwell property on 100 East, there is a dead-end with ample room to turn around and park an RV for an evening in town. It is not available for overnight parking. The sheriff’s office is in the opposite block and officers will move you along. Another spot is located on 200 South, turn west off of Main Street. Go toward the end of this dead-end road between Ramada Inn and Fiesta Mexicana. The Utah State University campus is situated on the south and much of that parking lot can be used for temporary evening parking. The businesses there are largely day use. There are some lovely walking trails in this area for a nice after dinner stroll as well. On 200 North behind the fuel station on the east side are some additional parking slots, long ones for RVs and shorter ones for other vehicles.

There are plenty of bike racks at Moab establishments. Keep your car parked, bring a lock and ride into town. Be unafraid of the sweat and helmet hair, you are on vacation, relax!

The tour companies have limited parking. Ask about complementary hotel pickups.

For those who may just be passing through — Big Semi Trucks should seek the southern Spanish Trail Shell Station for overnight emergency sleep. The former Cattlemen property no longer authorizes overnight semi Truck parking. For a snack, the Shell Station is convenient. Your next stop in town is the south Maverik Country Store which has a curb for north bound drivers to easily stop for purchasing refreshments. Slightly farther is a Dollar General with food aisles and beside the Dollar General is a Chevron convenience store. It is recommended you park just before these shops on the curb. If you are a semi truck going south on Hwy 191/Main Street, park just past the 400 East traffic light and use the traffic light to cross the road to Maverik.

Parallel Parking A Step by Step Guide

In 1994, Ontario introduced a graduated licensing system that made parallel parking a requirement to get a final “G” license. Fast forward 18 years, many drivers still avoid parallel parking like the plague. And if they do attempt it – many parallel parking attempts end after second or third attempts still without full satisfaction.

The reasons for these failures may be attributed to the fear of hitting another vehicle; a confidence issue to properly parallel park; and the embarrassment of people watching your multiple failed attempts. One bad parallel park in the eyes of family and friends can instantly make you feel like a less than average driver.

How do we do eliminate your fears and perform a flawless parallel parking? There is no scripture or exact science to it; however these simple three steps can be your guide to impress everyone.

The approach: Sometimes we want a certain spot right in-front of our destination or have trouble finding a spot, so we try to squeeze in to the impossible small spot. In those instances, we’ve failed before we began, so be sure to find a space that your vehicle can fit in. Once your spot is located, signal to indicate your intention to other road users, lower your speed to a minimum level and check the traffic from all directions.

The process: Align your car with the other parked vehicle preferably mirror to mirror. Signal and check all mirrors for on-coming traffic and for any pedestrians in your blind spots. Change gears into reverse and start turning your steering wheel to the right for a full 360 degrees and slowly move your car backwards until you can see the plate number of that parked vehicle. At this point you should be at an angle of 45 degrees in a “V” shape. When your passenger door is aligned with the rear bumper start to slowly turn the steering wheel to the left until your car is straight. If you are not straight you should still have the space to rock your vehicle forwards and back until you reach a straightened position. Put your car into park, pull up your hand brake and you are finished.

The resumption: Start your car, signal, check for traffic, lower your hand brake and put your vehicle in reverse. Reverse back to see the back tire of the parked car in your front and then put your car into drive and slowly accelerate out. Cancel your signal and keep driving. Remember, the more you practice the easier it will be and the more skilled you become. Good luck!

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