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Getting to Know the Toyota Land Cruiser

It was just after the Second World War when the Toyota Land Cruiser began its life. Post-war Japan was a struggling nation besieged by rising inflation, which prompted the government to implement a strict economic stabilization policy. The austerity measures that resulted brought inflation under control but reduced industrial production; the recession affected the developing automotive industry and created problems among companies, especially when they had to lay off their staff.

Toyota, as a major company, also suffered and production levels dropped. What eventually saved the company was their response to the U.S. Military’s directive to create compact 4×4 trucks and similar vehicles (at that time Japan was a supply base for the United States). Toyota came up with a prototype for a 4×4, inspired by the Jeeps brought in by the U.S. in Japan. The prototype was called the Toyota Jeep, and the combined B-type engine resulted in it being referred to as the BJ. The model was soon adopted as the National Police Agency’s official patrol car. Regular production of the BJ began in 1953; other government agencies also started to order BJ units. It was in 1954 when the vehicle’s name was renamed as the Land Cruiser-it was the start of a series of Toyota’s tough four-wheel drive vehicles that would become the longest-running series in the company’s history.

Since 1955, there have been ten editions (series) of the Toyota Land Cruiser: the 20-30 (1955-1960), 40 (1960-1984), 55 (1967-1980), 60 (1980-1989), 70 (1984-), 80 (1995-2002), 90 (1995-), 100 (1998-), 120 (2002-), and 200 (2008-) Series. These models can be categorized into three types: heavy-duty, wagon, and light-duty. The BJ, 20-30, 40, and 70 model series are considered heavy-duty; the 55, 60, 80, and 100 were station wagon models; and the 90, 120, and some variants of the 70 were for light-duty work.

One of the most common editions of the Land Cruiser in the secondhand market is the Prado line. It is the station wagon model of the series (70, 90, 120, 150) and was manufactured to compete in the market with the popular Mitsubishi Pajero. The Prado first rolled off the production line in 1990, and was available in three- and five-door versions. The second generation was released in 1996, the third in 2002, and the fourth-generation Prado was launched in 2009. This latest generation was a merging of the old Toyota Land Cruiser Prado and the Hilux Surf. The new Prado had a lineup of 2.7-liter, four-cylinder and 4.0-liter V6 engines and added features such as the crawl control system and multi-terrain select system. Seating on the new Prado is versatile and flexible; the second-row seats are able to slide back and forth to adjust leg space, and the rear seats can be stowed and restored automatically by a switch.

If you live in a place where there are plenty of unpaved roads or if your lifestyle involves going on off-road adventures, the Toyota Land Cruiser is hands-down the car to have. It has been trusted by motorists around the world for over fifty years, and it looks like it’s going to stick around for more.

Getting Your Car Serviced From A1 Automotive Shop

Every vehicle owner needs to indulge in auto repair atleast once a year. Choosing a auto service station is the best solution to service your own vehicle methodically or first gather the valuable information on Mot testing. Even if your car is running smoothly, the mileage matters and this is where servicing plays its role. You can get your auto repaired at any place you want- garage, automotive shops, dealerships, special shops or auto stores. There are so many different options around you for essential vehicle servicing. So, how do you pick the best one for your vehicle? To pick the best garage/automotive store for your car, you need to do a little bit of research in order to make the right choice. If you are looking for an automotive shop for car repairs in Welwyn, make sure you will get the best service at a reputed automotive shop and will also get the services at a cheap and affordable price.

A look at the range of services offered

There are many garages providing vhicle servicing, car repair and MOT testing in Welwyn ranging from small independent garages to big automotive stores. While it’s not everyone who can provide you with the best services, but there are many who enjoy a good reputation in the auto repair industry for their honest and reliable service. Have a look at some of the services offered by auto repair shops:-

Choose a modern servicing shop

A proper servicing means proper inspection of the vehicle for damaged components and parts replacement periodically. Some vital parts that need inspections are brake fluid levels, tire pressures, oil filters, air filters, battery fluid levels, wheel balancing and alignment. All modern vehicles have onboard electronics that possesses auto diagnostic functionality. Take your vehicle to a modern and well equipped auto servicing garage. Select a garage that employs highly trained and certified professionals who have total knowledge about automobile servicing. A thorough servicing of your vehicle needs few hours, and if you are ready to invest that time and money, you can save lot in the long run. Once you get your vehicle serviced from a shop, you must also take proper care of the vehicle.

Our vehicle needs the tender and loving care to render optimum performance!

Getting Your Learner’s Permit? Find Out How to Pass Florida Permit Test Online

Once teens hit 15 years age, there’s typically only one thing on their minds – driving! Every Florida teen longs for the day when they can grab the wheel of their own car (or mom and dad’s!) and cruise their neighborhood with total freedom. Before that day comes, however, they have to take a Florida Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education (TLSAE) course, and pass their permit test. There’s a lot to know about both of these steps, so we’ve broken it down for you to give you the essential tips to completing your TLSAE course with minimal hassle.

The FL Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education Course

To pass their drug and alcohol test Florida, teens must go through a TLSAE program. This course is a combination of a driver’s education course and a substance abuse awareness program. The course teaches teens the essentials in driving around Florida, including state-specific road signs and traffic laws. They will learn defensive driving techniques, such as proper distance to follow behind another car. And they will be instructed in the extreme dangers of driving while under the influence of any substance, and learn the consequences of getting a DWI or DUI.

Easy Options for Better Learning

Typically, the TLSAE course is taken either through the student’s high school or through an outside provider that still requires classroom time. However, there’s a new and better way to complete the drug and alcohol test for Florida teens, which won’t interfere with homework or extracurricular activities. The course is available online, usually for a much lower cost than a classroom course, and it can be completed around the student’s schedule. For busy teens, this is a huge bonus – they can still play sports and hang out with friends while they work toward getting their learner’s permit. And now, instead of heading to the DMV to take the permit exam, they can even take the Florida permit test online.

Taking the Florida Permit Test Online

Many online course providers will give the student the option to combine their permit exam with the drug and alcohol test; Florida teens get a discounted rate if they take these two essentials together. By taking their Florida permit test online with their course, they save time and hassle of taking it at the DMV. Everything may be completed from the comfort of their own home – all they need to do is bring their certificate to the DMV and they’re the road toward independent driving. It’s a convenient way for teens to still be teens, while gaining the responsibility of adulthood.

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