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How To Keep Your Car Engine Tip Top For Longer

Now you have bought yourself a new dream car, wouldn’t you love it to remain new forever? Well wake up that’s not going to happen. But it is always possible for it to be running like a new car for longer.

Break- In Period:

You will have to take care from the day one your car arrives, it might be hard to be patient, but it will be a big advantage for the car if you are. Take extra care during the break-in period i.e. first 1000 miles normally, but check with your car manufacturer or just get up and read the car manual. Avoid heavy loads, going more than the maximum speed recommended by the manufacturer, going over 3000 rpms and accelerate gently – just treat it as a pregnant wife or girlfriend.

Everyday Driving:

Taking care of your car shouldn’t stop after the break in period. Here are some everyday tips which are very easy to follow during daily usage;


One of main reasons of a car going earlier to the grave is not following the maintenance schedule. It can be found in the owner’s manual which stays packed and wrapped in the glove box, this is just wrong. You should change oil and fuel and air filter regularly as per manufacturer instructions. Normally they should be changed about every 4000 to 3000 thousand miles. If you make many short journeys then get them changed between 3000 to 4000 miles. There are some other items apart from these,-engine timing belt before 100000 miles, transmission fluid at 25000 miles and brake oil according to owner’s manual.

Many engineers recommend changing the spark plugs at 30,000 miles. Spending a little on this regular will save you from a heavy cost of replacing the whole engine. Apart from oil there is something else that plays a very important role in better running of the engine, it’s the engine coolant; always keep an eye on the coolant level as a little bit of carelessness can cause the engine to overheat resulting in serious damage. Always keep an eye on the warning lights don’t just ignore them, they are there for a reason, as soon as a warning light comes on get your car checked by a professional.

The Look:

There are many other enemies of your car out there like sunlight, dirt, grit etc, which, in the long term, march your car towards the graveyard like a hidden cancer. A car should be given a thorough cleaning regularly. There are many products available in the market. Use a nice polish and wax to detail your car, if you don’t have a garage use a cover to protect your car from ultra violet rays in the sunlight. Get rid of the dirt with regular vacuuming. Get rid of the grit salt, used on the roads in snow season, as soon as you can. Grit is the main cause of rust and as everyone knows rust kills. Follow these steps and your car would not grow older like you would. Owning a tip top old car is a feeling which cannot be described, it will always make you proud and show people what kind of a caring and sensible person you are. It doesn’t matter if it is a Honda, Mercedes, Toyota, BMW or any other, treat you dream car as a dream fulfilled not taken for granted.

Buy Diesel Engines And Petrol Engine Parts For Sale

The automobile industry is a very large one all over the globe. The complete industry comprises of everything that is related to the automobile industry starting from vehicle equipment production, production of auto parts and accessories, auto manufacturing, along with designing and selling. These industries are more or less co-dependent, one of the reasons why the interaction level between them is relatively high. The main intention behind doing so is to make sure that the user demands are perfectly met without much delay. This has led to a constant development in the automobile industry and auto parts industry in the past few year.

The problem is that cars or automobiles do not always have a lot of their parts getting faulty or problematic in a go and so buying wholesale car parts doesn’t seem to be a good idea. Same goes when you think to buy engine parts on wholesale, be it diesel engines or petrol engine parts. The fact is that things like automobiles do not have an infinite life. They go through a lot of wear and tear everyday which ends up taking a toll not only on the parts of the automobile, but also or say mostly on the engines of the vehicle.

Car engines or crate engines when it comes to engines, it is something that is bound to get its condition deteriorated as the time passes and then you would be bound to buy a new or a used one as per the need and availability of the parts. You might like to choose one from some cheap engines for sale or rather go for Japanese engine imports as per your available resources. Going for a new engine and that too Jap engine imports sound like a very good idea, but then it could be a little difficult task if you do not have much of an idea in the field.

When you think of buying diesel engines or petrol engine parts the first thing that comes to mind is research and homework. You should be completely thorough with the exact knowledge of features that you are looking for when you go for buying engine parts. The type and make of the car along with the year of manufacture too should be known in order to land with the exact piece that you are looking for and not to mention the fact that the car is a diesel or a petrol car in order to be sure of buying a petrol engine or diesel engine for the same.

Going for Japanese engine imports is a very good idea only when you know a lot about engines or have someone to guide you through this, so that you could be saved from getting duped, same goes when you buy engine parts from junk-yards or something as such. Buying cheap engines for sale from some good renown dealers could rather be a good idea if you are new at this, for one thing, that it saves a lot of money that would otherwise have been used for buying new petrol engine parts or diesel engines and for the other, that it saves you from getting all messed up when you buy engine parts.

Nissan Unveils New Engine Valve Technology

Nissan’s brand-new engine shutoff system integrates the technologies behind the freshly established Variable Valve Event as well as Lift (VVEL)* 1 and also continual shutoff timing control (C-VTC) to generate remarkable enhancement in the vehicles? Nissan’s brand-new engine shutoff modern technology is offered to consumers around the globe via the Nissan and also Infiniti item lines. Under the Nissan Green Program 2010, the car manufacturer has actually introduced strategies to establish gasoline-powered engines with CO2 discharges reduced to degrees similar with diesel engines.

Nissan’s brand-new engine shutoff system incorporates the technologies behind the freshly created Variable Valve Event and also Lift (VVEL)* 1 and also continual shutoff timing control (C-VTC) to generate significant enhancement in the vehicles? Nissan’s brand-new engine shutoff innovation is offered to consumers around the globe with the Nissan as well as Infiniti item lines. Conventional engines control air consumption utilizing a throttle shutoff is a component of the entire vehicle. The VVEL-equipped engines, on the various other hand, control air consumption straight at the shutoffs. Under the Nissan Green Program 2010, the car manufacturer has actually introduced strategies to establish gasoline-powered engines with CO2 exhausts reduced to degrees similar with diesel engines.

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