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Driving Lessons – Buying Tyres

The problem is most people I would suspect, end up paying much more than they need to, sometimes double, just because they’re relying on, trusting, a stranger. It’s sad really, when you realise you have to be so careful not to get purposely ripped off by a fellow human being. But money makes the world go round and I guess they will try and get as much as they possibly can from you.

I needed to buy 3 new tyres for my car yesterday. The first time I have needed to do so with this particular car. I have a dealer I know and trust and have bought tyres from him for 11 years now after first meeting when buying a car from him. Last week whilst reading the local newspaper I came across a ‘buy one get one free’ voucher for a local national garage. Although I’m loyal to my usual tyre dealer, as anyone would when you need 3 tyres I thought I’d check this deal out. Luckily for me I know a little bit about tyres and their prices as being a driving instructor you tend to go through them quicker than normal.

So on calling I explained the tyre and make I required. The tyre I go for is what would be described as ‘mid-range’, i.e. a very good tyre but a little cheaper than the more well-known makes. I go for these tyres on my learner car as sometimes they get bumped on the kerbs and if they get damaged it’s far less painful for my pocket. Strangely I was promptly told this is a very expensive tyre, unsurprisingly that it wasn’t included on this particular ‘buy one get one free deal’ (which I’m certain no tyres they have actually are) and then advised the tyre I actually did need. This one was on offer for 98. The tyre offered I know to be a good one but far more expensive than I wanted and needed to pay. Now, what if I didn’t have that knowledge? I’d have spent the best part of 300 on three tyres. For some cars that would be a good price for 3, but not when all you’re fitting them too is a little Renault Clio with small 15 inch wheels.

After then calling my usual tyre dealer I was quoted by him a price of just 54 for the tyre I wanted. In fact, then without any prompting from me, he actually then explained he had these different tyres in, which were the same spec as the ones I usually have and asked for (he always remembers the tyres I have and the needs I have for them concerning my job) and they were a little bit cheaper! So after my initial quote of 300 from the national garage, I ended up paying just under 150 – half the price!

The problem is people don’t ring around enough. I’m sure you will almost always find the local ‘one man band’ garages to be cheaper, and you will experience a far better customer service. It’s always worth a few calls and the large national garages will, in my experience, be far more expensive and far less willing to give you the cheaper option tyre.

Jason Vines

Due Diligence For Buying Mercedes Parts

Mercedes parts help your Mercedes cars to looks better and perform better. They are readily available in the market and online auto stores as well, so you only need to decide which one to purchase.

Mercedes has created a niche among the car manufacturers and it is known to produce some breathtaking designs, luxuries and most advanced technologies. No doubt, the Mercedes always remains a notch ahead from its competitors and it is one of the most desired brands anywhere in the world. If you are the owner of Mercedes car then you might feel the difference while driving the car as it must be drawing lots of envious eyes to the car. But with the apt choice of Mercedes parts you can actually give a more customized looks and experience that is different from the generic Mercedes models.

Some of the important Mercedes parts include car cover, floor mats, hoods, bumpers, body kits, wheels, air filters etc. Some of them are used for experiencing enhanced comfort, some of these parts adorn the exterior looks of your car and some part tend to enhance the performance of the car like mileage, fuel efficiency and power. You can not buy all these parts at one go, so it is important to get them one by one and you can do this by preparing the priority list of your desires and the necessities. You are the better person to decide your priority like whether you want comfort and then luxury and then looks, and after that you will go for performance. The order has to be set by you and then you should prepare the list of each category.

For example, if you are looking for comfort then floor mats, extra cushions etc can be included in the list and similarly you can prepare the list for other categories. Once you have decided on the order and the list, it is time to surf the Internet for availing information because you will get to know the variations in the market as well as the price differences. This will help you to make informed decision that auger well for the car itself. Mercedes parts are available with many options like from OEMs, OES/ OEA, aftermarket manufacturers etc so you should also know such things for a satisfying purchase.

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