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Do You Know About The UK Driving Test Changes?

This year has seen some important changes to the UK driving test. While some have challenged the wisdom of the changes, they are in my view, a step forward – and they are here now, so you should understand them if you are taking the test.

Independent driving

Since early October 2010, the UK Driving Test includes a section of ‘independent driving’ – about 10 minutes without direction from the examiner, in contrast to the step-by-step instructions issued during the other sections of the test, and throughout the previous test format.

In the new test, during the independent driving phase, the examiner will issue directions or instruct the candidate to follow traffic signs – or perhaps a combination of the two.

With many drivers relying on technology such as satellite navigation to find their way to their destination, the old-fashioned way of using a map and reading road signs is fast becoming out of date. Whilst for the most part sat navs are useful, it is important that new drivers remain fully alert and are able to demonstrate that they can follow signs on their own and and not rely on other people or gadgets to help them.

The Directgov site stresses that, if the candidate forgets the route or otherwise gets lost, they will not be penalised. This is because the examiner is not testing orientation and navigation skills. However, driving faults will be penalised.

Instead, the examiner will help the candidate get back on the route – indeed, if you do get lost or otherwise confused, it’s best to come clean and the examiner will help you get back on track.

Test routes and manoeuvres

Test routes are no longer published: Until early October 2010, the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) published details of test routes online, but no longer. This supports the Independent Driving section of the test by not allowing candidates to drive and/or memorise the route they will be tested over.

There’s only one manoeuvre: While there were previously two manoeuvres in the test, there’s now only one. While manoeuvres are obviously an important part of driving, it seems logical that by testing just one, candidates will have more driving time on the roads, experiencing more junctions and roundabouts, which are normally the areas that a few drivers are less confident and serious accidents are more likely to happen.

Future changes

Future changes may be to scrap the Pass Plus scheme, introducing a driver attitude test, implementing a minimum learning time of 12 months to match the rest of Europe, retesting drivers every five to 10 years and motorway testing. Lowering the the drink drive limit to 20mg per 100ml for newly-qualified drivers has also been under discussion.

Advent Of Xenon Lighting

Currently, xenon lamps are replacing halogen lamps in the headlights of automobiles. These lamps are more preferred in headlights because these lamps result to lower light reflection thus reducing the glare of oncoming cars. This is so because transition from light to darkness of Xenon light is more defined than Halogen light.

The arc created between two electrodes of tungsten makes the xenon bulb lights up. The xenon bulb contains noble gases, including xenon gas, and does not have any filaments like the incandescent bulbs. Xenon light has an electronic starter and a ballast to start and maintain the arc that will light up the lamp.

Xenon bulbs are used widely for lighting large areas such as gyms and courts, warehouses and parking lots, and cinemas. Xenon bulbs are more preferred than incandescent bulbs in that it has a brightness that is close to that of daylight. Although more expensive than other types of lamp, investing in a xenon bulb is worth it and can even save you a lot of money in the long run since it will last you a lifetime. You do not have to change your xenon bulb like you do your incandescent or fluorescent bulbs.

There are two different types of xenon lamps, namely the xenon compact arc lamps and the mercury-xenon lamps. Both lamps however function on the basic concept of xenon lighting which utilizes the arc that is created between the two electrodes in the bulb. With xenon short arc lamps, the arc is formed with the electrodes only a few millimeters apart. Further, these lamps contain several atmospheres of xenon gas. Reaching 80% of final output can be done in less than ten minutes for this type of xenon lamp. Xenon compact arc lamps are designed for direct current operation and are done for better stability and longer life. Xenon lamps come in different wattage and can be operated in the vertical or horizontal position. A mercury-xenon lamp is a lamp that contains both small amounts of xenon and mercury. Xenon is used to start and maintain the arc, which creates the light, until mercury has vaporized.

Xenon lighting or better known as HID (High Intensity Discharge) lighting is a very popular with car enthusiasts as they install this type of light into their cars. Although, xenon lighting is more expensive than other forms of lighting, the quality of light being given by the lamp is very appropriate for night driving. As part of a style statement, xenon lighting does not only come in its natural white color but also comes in a variety of colors that can match the car’s theme. Xenon lighting comes in golden light, sun light color, different shades of blue and purple.

Why You Should Try Out Magnaflow Exhaust Products

When you ask for advice about an aftermarket exhaust system, you get to hear a lot of options from the people who have had encounters with several brands. You need an exhaust product that will give you quality service and not have to rush to race to the repair shop year in year out.

I will give you 5 reasons why you should consider MagnaFlow.

Stainless steel

These products are made of stainless steel. While other metals will easily rust, MagnaFlow is build to endure long years of use and abuse. Not only does stainless steel not rust, but it is hardy. If you are a racer, the vehicle is subjected to a lot of external forces. While other metals will remain with dents after an impact the stainless steel will remain in shape.

Band Clamps

MagnaFlow exhaust pipes are interconnected by use of band clamps. These hold them firmly in place so that there are no loose pipes and leakages. Some brands of exhaust systems are welded. The welding can cause the pipes to bend or create dents that cause leakages. The welded pipes are not also dismantled unlike the ones connected by the band clamps which can easily be loosened and the system dismantled during repair or cleaning.

X and Y intersections

The MagnaFlow exhaust pipes are designed such that they have less bends and do not cause resistance of gases coming out of the system. The X and Y intersections are designed in that there is no resistance in transmission of gases from single to dual or dual to dual exhaust systems. The transition of gases from one pipe to another should smooth so the performance of the vehicle is not affected.

Suitable diameters

The diameter of the exhaust systems really do matter. The best diameter is one that will give maximum output of gases from the engine. The bigger the engine, the larger the diameter of the exhaust should be. This is because the larger engines produce more gases and if there is difficult in removal of these gases, the performance will be compromised. MagnaFlow offers a range of diameters of exhaust pipes and tips that you will choose according to your type of vehicle. A small car will not use the same size of exhaust tips as a SUV.


MagnaFlow offers some of the best mufflers there are in the market. A stainless steel muffler will not easily rust. These mufflers are also designed for customization whereby they range from quiet to loud and also designed for all varieties of drivers, from the regular street driver to a racer.

When you want to install an aftermarket exhaust system, consider MagnaFlow and get the best high quality services at pocket friendly prices.

Defensive Driving Online Texas is Your Solution

A defensive driving online Texas course can provide the perfect solution for residents of Texas who got a ticket or who want to lower their car insurance rates. Defensive driving courses, in general, provide significant benefits to drivers in certain situations. Taking a course online can provide all of these benefits along with the added convenience of online education.

Benefits of a Defense Driving Online Texas Course

The most basic benefits of defensive driving online Texas course are similar to the benefits enjoyed by anyone who attends any type of driving safety class. One of the most important of these benefits is the ability to keep points off your license and moving violations off your driving record.

For most offenses that you receive a moving violation for, successfully completing a six-hour defensive driving course approved by the state will keep the ticket from going on your record. Since points on your license and tickets on your driving record can significantly raise your insurance rates and can even cost you your license if you get too many, avoiding these points is essential.

Can You Take Defensive Driving if You Have NOT Received a Citation?

Even those who have not gotten a ticket can benefit from a defensive driving online Texas course. Many insurance companies throughout the state of Texas provide up to a 10 percent discount on insurance premiums for drivers who take a defensive driving class. Such drivers are viewed as safer and less likely to become involved I an accident and they enjoy both the lower insurance premiums and the increased safety that goes along with learning how to drive well. Check with your auto insurance provider for details on their discount programs.

Why Take Online Classes?

While both an approved online and approved local class will give you similar benefits in terms of your insurance discount and protecting your license, the online courses offer things the local courses don’t. The biggest difference between an online defensive driving class and a local one is that you are able to set the schedule for your own education.

Texas requires that the course be six hours long in order for it to be approved and get you out of points on your license. Six hours is a long time to give up and go sit in a classroom on someone else’s schedule. With defensive driving online Texas courses, you can log into the system and out of the system whenever you want. You can set the pace of the driving course yourself and you can take the class at any time of the day you want, whether it’s 5 AM and you’ve just gotten up or 12:00 noon and you’re on your lunch hour at work.

Because you can take the classes anywhere and any time, it is much easier and much less stressful to take defensive driving online Texas courses. You’ll enjoy the benefits of a regular course, but with the added convenience of anytime access. , You’ll also use a simple computer interface and you will learn to be a better driver without ever having to set foot outside of your house if you don’t want to.

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