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Superstitious anyone, how about Urban Legends, do you believe in those? Have you heard about the one where if your left hand is itchy and you do not scratch it and instead head to the casinos you will have good luck? That’s right, legends say by not scratching and instead playing a hand or two your luck will show and you will have a greater chance of winning the cash you hit the casinos for in the first place. But I think I am getting a little ahead of myself, we don’t even have gambling casinos in Texas, so how are you going to hit that luck? Maybe a limousine ride to Shreveport, Louisiana is just what you need.

Calling all you gambling men out there, were you thinking of hitting the casinos with the guys? How about the ladies who are booking a weekend away to a casino/spa, after all, you got all the gals together for your yearly retreat. Maybe you are a couple and it’s your anniversary, why not get best of both worlds, couples massages and dinner and gambling in the evening. This is where we come in, booking a limo ride and getting chauffeured around, and well who doesn’t like the sound of that.

In the end the drive shouldn’t be what holds you back, your weekend away is all booked, you are all packed up ready to go, what’s next? Booking a limo ride to take you to the casinos is just another way to make you realize just how fun and special this weekend is going to be. After all, everyone is doing it, and like my kids believe, ‘if it’s in the movies then it must be real’. And who hasn’t seen “Swingers” or how about “The Hangover”, well, that one they drove themselves, just think maybe they would not have gotten into as much trouble if they had a driver.

Maybe you and the guys have finally pulled together a ‘Hall Pass’ for the weekend and you are dying to play a hand or two of Black Jack, or maybe you are Texas Hold Em guys, you feeling a little extra lucky that weekend, how about the Roulette Tables. Who needs Vegas with Shreveport, Louisiana so close, and to get chauffeured around in style with all you need for that drive at your fingertips, why say no.

Sweeping the wife away for that romantic anniversary that only comes once a year, a limo ride can be so special especially if the last one the two of you had was on your wedding. Maybe take her for a stroll down the historic districts filled with gorgeous Victorian homes and gardens, and then shopping downtown. Then you could finish your night off with a riverboat casino ride in the evening.

Or is this a Girls Only Weekend away? We all need those, how about starting it off with a long ride drinking champagne and talking, maybe you haven’t seen these girls in a while. Who says we gals can’t play some poker or Black Jack like one of the guys, in fact we are even beating men at card games. Take Black Jack, not many people are aware of it but the history of women and blackjack goes way back. In France it is called Vingt et un and is very popular with French women, it’s said that Black Jack and women have a very strong connection since the 18th Century.

No matter whom you are or exactly what your casino needs are, we can suit all your limousine needs. So give us a call and start planning that amazing weekend with us as your kick starter!

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