Is That What You Call Shiny?

One of the things that we often hear from our customers is that after they start to use the waterless car wash products, it is hard for them to not look at people who wash their cars in the traditional way in a negative light. We can certainly understand that because once you have started to wash your car the waterless way, there really is no going back as the results simply speak for themselves. It can be compared to going from a name brand smartphone to trying to revert back to a cheap, knock-off. The results will simply not ever be the same.

We have so many customers who have started to use the waterless car wash and have become accustomed to the results to the point where a regularly washed car doesn’t even impress them anymore. We recently received an email from a customer who told us their friend showed up with their car being freshly washed from a traditional car wash. While the rest of their friends were marveling at it, this customer simply couldn’t see what the big deal was as it didn’t really look all that shiny or special to them. Not being one to be snide they kept their mouth shut but once they got in their car that was parked out of sight and drove off, all of the attention switched to his car which had been washed with the waterless car wash.

Anyone who has ever used the waterless car wash even just once knows that washing your car with water could never even come close to giving you the same kind of clean and shine that you can expect from the waterless car wash. It simply isn’t possible. The waterless car wash is specially formulated to lift off all of that dirt and grime and it will do it effortlessly. Once all of that dirt and grime is gone from the exterior of your car the original shine that your car is still holding on to is free to shine right back through.

If you are expecting anything like that to happen by washing with water then you can keep your fingers crossed but probably won’t have much luck. Soap and water is simply not strong enough to cut through those layers of dirt and grime no matter how hard you scrub at them. The fact that you don’t even have to scrub very hard with the waterless car wash says everything about its effectiveness.

If you are already using our products then all of this will probably seem like nothing new but if you have yet to try out the waterless car wash then you really don’t know what you are missing. Imagine a car that has just been washed with soap and water actually looking dirty and unappealing to you. The only kinds of people who are able to see things in that manner are the people that have used the waterless car wash before. Will you be one of those people?

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