Hi Def Detail is The Most Versatile Waterless Dealer in Dallas

Anyone that follows us on a regular basis knows that we are pretty constantly impressed with what is coming out of the crew over at Hi Def Detail. They are pretty constantly churning out new and interesting stuff not just for us but for everyone that is involved in the waterless car wash industry. These guys really are trendsetters and not only do they do a great job at attracting customers with some very nice tastes in cars, they are an extremely versatile company as well. Today we are going to take a look at just how versatile of a company they are.

Usually when we cover Hi Def Detail we are talking about and marveling at the different amazing looking cars that they are known for detailing. That is not quite our focus today though, as while they still do cover a lot of great vehicles, we want to talk about how much stuff they are actually able to do. While they do put the waterless car wash first and foremost when it comes to their business, they are perfectly capable of performing all other types of tasks that relate to your car as well.

They just proved this when they replaced a windshield for a customer. This customer had a chip in their windshield that turned into quite a serious crack and needed to have their entire windshield replaced. Even though we certainly don’t want to say anything negative about any of our other waterless dealers, a lot of them are simply detailers and are not equipped to handle something as involved as an entire windshield replacement. When it comes to Hi Def Detail though, they are a full service auto detailer that can handle it all and then some. That is a real accomplishment in our opinion.

Another thing that they recently implemented is their new discount program. If you are already a member of a car club then you should send them an email at info @ and put Car Club Discounts in the subject line. This will register your car club with Hi Def Detail and will allow you to take advantage of special discounts and deals from the company that otherwise wouldn’t normally be be available to you. It is things like this that really make us put Hi Def Detail up there as one of our favorite waterless dealers in the game.

As you can see, the crew from Dallas is definitely putting in the hard work to get the recognition that they truly deserve in the waterless car wash industry. If you have ever doubted them before (which you shouldn’t have) there should definitely be no reason to doubt them now as they are consistently proving their presence in the waterless industry as one of the most capable competitors around. We looks forward to seeing a lot more great updates from them in the future, keep up the great work guys!

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