General Motors Cited For ?commitment To Consumers?

For any company to enjoy success, they have to take care of their consumers. The same is true in the auto industry and one are it is highlighted is in after collision repairs.

When a vehicle is involved in a collision, more often than not, it will need major repairs which could include the replacement of selected components. In replacing these components, repair mechanics need to know the exact specifications so as to bring back a vehicle to a condition it was in before the collision.

Sadly though, information about the specifications of components and how they are supposed to be installed are hard to come by in the auto industry since some companies closely guard this information. This means that mechanics have no way to learn how to restore a particular vehicle to its original condition.

In connection with this, VeriFacts Automotive created an award for the company which provides vital information to consumers on ho to properly repair their vehicles. The ?Commitment to Consumers? award is made for companies who have made a difference in the auto industry by providing assistance to their consumers in the after-collision repair field.

The first company that will be awarded with this is General Motors for their sharing of product information to consumers for free. This shows that General Motors care a lot about the integrity of their vehicles since the company wants them repaired properly according to original specifications.

The award will be presented to the world’s largest car manufacturer at the 2007 Collision Industry Night of Achievement which will be held in connection with the International Autobody Congress and Exposition.

The Detroit based car manufacturer will be given the award by virtue of their website which provides free information to consumers or mechanics in order to repair properly vehicles involved in collisions. General Motors made available in their website the exact specification of parts and the repair and installation of components like a GMC cold air intake system. The company is the first U.S. car manufacturer to offer the said service to their valued customers.

Robert Hartman, an employee for the GM Service & Parts Operation, said that: ?General Motors has consistently worked at making collision repair information available where it is most needed in the marketplace. Repairing damaged GM vehicles is not just a matter of using the right parts; it relies on employing the right repair techniques as well.?

According to Farzam Afshar, the Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of VeriFacts Automotive, ?We believe General Motors has gone ?above and beyond? to express their commitment to their customers.? Meanwhile, Mark Olson, the COO and co-founder of VeriFacts, has this to say about GM’s dedication to its consumers: ‘the free information provided by GM has been an invaluable service to all Collision Repair Centers around the globe. In today’s world, return on investment is calculated by financial gains. GM is looking at it as a way of ?doing the right thing? for their customers and for the right reasons. They are to be acknowledged and commended for their service to consumers and to the collision repair industry.?

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