Don’t Spend Needlessly To Buy A New Car – Consider Replacing The Transmission!

Sometimes you may have trouble getting your car into gear. Or if you have a manual transmission vehicle you may find the transmission slips on its own or shifts to neutral. Perhaps the engine of your car starts running, but the vehicle won’t run. Well, it’s official – you are having transmission problems! But no need to worry, you don’t have to buy a new car. You can get a reliable used transmission in Columbus GA if you know what to look for.

If you are a DIY-guru (Di It Yourself), then perhaps you won’t hesitate to go to a scrap yard or wrecking alley and buy yourself a used transmission in Columbus GA and have it installed into your vehicle. Usually, the scrap dealer will give you a 60 day warranty on it, so if there are any issues by then you are pretty safe. The challenge however is: What happens if there is an issue after the 60 days. Well, usually that means you are out of luck!

An alternate is visit a auto shop and look for a used transmission in Columbus GA. Going that route normally means that the shop selling you the transmission will have done some preliminary inspection and cleaning before selling the part to you. In most cases the auto shop will install it into your vehicle as well. When buying a used transmission in Columbus GA from an auto shop, as opposed to a scrap yard, you usually get greater warranty too. Usually an auto shop will give you between 4 to 6 months of guarantee.

In either case, the seller of the used transmission in Columbus GA will take pains to remind you that the product is “used” – meaning it has been removed from a previously owned vehicle and is now being sold to you. However, unless your vehicle is still relatively new with original warranty still intact and lots of road time still left, transmission problems are well worth solving by buying and installing a used transmission in Columbus GA. On the other hand, for a relatively newer vehicle, a re-manufactured transmission might be a better solution.

At the end of the day the decision to replace, repair or rebuild your transmission will depend on a number of factors – age of the vehicle, useful life left, cost to repair or replace. However, when buying your used transmission in Columbus GA, make sure the auto shop selling you the product is reliable and has been around for a while – at least 40+ years – in the auto business. Since the part is used, all the more reason to be cautious about installation. Make very sure that the auto shop employs trained and ASE certified craftspeople to carry out the removal, professional installation and expert calibration of the used transmission you purchase from them.

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