Coming Up: The 2007 New York International Auto Show

Anticipation is rising as the 2007 New York International Automobile Show goes back to the Jacob Javits Convention Center this April 6th. Many automobile enthusiasts are looking forward to feasting their eyes and satisfying their hunger for the freshest line-up that their favorite brands have to offer.

This auto show will feature more of the cars and trucks of the 2007 and 2008 production line and many of the concept vehicles that are projected to bring about change in the automobile dynamics. Many different cars will be put on the spotlight and all its intricate design details will be scrutinized. The inner working of the vehicles will also be one of the many attractions.

The show promises that critics and fanatics will have a difficult time comparing and contrasting the different creations presented to them. Each curve and swerve of the contour of each car has been perfected; every Mercedes headlights shows glare and brightness.

The opening day ceremonies will be held on the 7th of April at 9:30 to 11 in the morning. The show will run 11am to 10:30 pm Mondays to Saturdays and from 10 am to 7 pm on Sundays. This show is open to anyone who wants to get to know more about cars, cars collectors or just anyone who wants to see flashy and shiny steel that revolves on a platform.

Tickets can be availed of on line and can be printed from your homes and transferred in favor of other persons, or you can purchase them directly at the door or at the Credit Card Kiosk at the Javits Center.

There are many different events to be excited about, like the National Automotive Technology Competition Breakfast, Automotive Career Fair, the famous New York Bus Tour, TVB Breakout Sessions and Trade Show Exhibits, Symposium on World Traffic Safety, Competition for Safety Designs, a Hispanic Day Concert, and of course the closing of the event on the last day which is the 15th of April.

For enthusiasts from far places, many hotels are open near the venue site. Among these are the Sheraton New York Hotel and Towers, the Crown Plaza Times Square, the Hilton New York, Marriott Marquis, W Times Square Hotel and many others.

Next year’s New York International Auto Show will be held on March 21-30, 2008.

Custom Jeep Seat Covers: The Made-to-order Seat Covers

The fun of the driving a jeep is unexplainable. Just imagine driving your jeep in the place of your choice and you will be filled with pleasure and excitement. You will experience the thrill of exploring the nature. If the interiors, particularly the jeep seats are great looking, it?ll add pleasure to your driving. The custom jeep seat covers can actually provide you with the desired fun.

The jeeps are considered tough, macho, and stylish. For people who believe in macho look and feel, are style conscious, and nature lover; jeeps are of great use. However, your desire of the fun, thrill, and excitement cannot be fulfilled, if the seats are not comfortable. In order to make the jeep seats comfortable, the seats must be neat and clean, dust/dirt free, and damage free.

Because of the regular use, the seats of jeep attract a lot of dirt and dust. Moreover, since jeeps are used in different terrains, environments, and for odd activities and have open body, they attract a lot of dust, mud, stains, and scratches. The jeep seats also have to suffer much friction and wear and tear. These factors make getting the custom jeep seat covers more a necessity.

The custom jeep covers are made of superior material. The quality of material is most important aspect you need to consider. The breathability, softness, durability, look, affordable prices, perfect fit, and user friendliness are some of the most important features that custom jeep seat covers must have.

The seat covers such as Neoprene seat covers are very effective in preventing the hazards from causing any damage to your jeep seats. The seat covers are made of CR-grade Neoprene material. The material is very strong and effective in preventing water, UV rays, and dirt.

The custom jeep covers are designed and made keeping your active life style in mind. The quality seat covers provide your jeep seats with complete protection and cool look. With enhanced comfort and improved charm, the seat covers will provide you the hassle-free driving with no unpleasant , get the custom fit jeep seat covers for dirt/dust and stain-free jeep seats and add excitement to your driving with enhanced look and soft touch.

Auto Leasing: What The Dealers Don’t Want You To Know

Too often when it comes to auto-leasing, people get so dazzled by the myriad terms and the jargon thrown their way that they end-up paying through the nose, relying on a dealer’s “help” than their own informed decision.

Here is a look at some of the tricks dealers use to pad their profits and leave the customers shelling hundreds of dollars more than the deal should be worth.

Trick 1: Leasing always a better deal than buying

Dealers use the lure of lower-monthly payments to entice customers to sign for long-term loans, with terms stretching for five years or more, making the payments even lower. There are two catches with such lengthy contracts: higher mileage, exceeding the prescribed limit, and hefty repair costs. With leases charging on average 10 to 20 cents a mile for any extra mile over the agreed amount in the contract, and warranties only covering three years, you leave yourself wide open for hefty charges for excessive mileage and wear and tear.

Trick 2: Cheap 2-3% APR rate on your lease

The dealer is not quoting the interest rate you would be paying on your lease; he’s rather giving you the lease money factor. Whilst similar to an interest rate and important in determining your monthly payment, a more accurate rate is calculated by multiplying the money factor by 24. For example a “cheap” 3% money factor is 24 X 0.003 = 7.2%. This gives you a better sense of what your annual interest rate on your lease contract is.

Trick 3: Stress-free early lease termination

Dealers know consumer driving needs change and they would like to have the option of getting out of a lease commitment sometime down the road, before their lease ends. Truth of the matter is, when you sign for a lease, you are effectively saddled with monthly payments for the remainder of the lease term and there is little-choice of getting out early. Lease contracts carry hefty financial penalties for either defaulting on monthly payments or terminating the lease earlier than the scheduled term.

To avoid being on the receiving end of such tried-and-true tricks, educate yourself about leasing. Get down to the nitty-gritty and understand what the leasing terms used by dealers mean. Crunch the numbers along with him and understand how they arrived at the monthly payment figure. Don’t sign anything until you’ve understood all the terms and your numbers much those of the dealer. Do not let the dealer pressure you into signing; you are the one to determine whether the agreement is right for you.

Advent Of Xenon Lighting

Currently, xenon lamps are replacing halogen lamps in the headlights of automobiles. These lamps are more preferred in headlights because these lamps result to lower light reflection thus reducing the glare of oncoming cars. This is so because transition from light to darkness of Xenon light is more defined than Halogen light.

The arc created between two electrodes of tungsten makes the xenon bulb lights up. The xenon bulb contains noble gases, including xenon gas, and does not have any filaments like the incandescent bulbs. Xenon light has an electronic starter and a ballast to start and maintain the arc that will light up the lamp.

Xenon bulbs are used widely for lighting large areas such as gyms and courts, warehouses and parking lots, and cinemas. Xenon bulbs are more preferred than incandescent bulbs in that it has a brightness that is close to that of daylight. Although more expensive than other types of lamp, investing in a xenon bulb is worth it and can even save you a lot of money in the long run since it will last you a lifetime. You do not have to change your xenon bulb like you do your incandescent or fluorescent bulbs.

There are two different types of xenon lamps, namely the xenon compact arc lamps and the mercury-xenon lamps. Both lamps however function on the basic concept of xenon lighting which utilizes the arc that is created between the two electrodes in the bulb. With xenon short arc lamps, the arc is formed with the electrodes only a few millimeters apart. Further, these lamps contain several atmospheres of xenon gas. Reaching 80% of final output can be done in less than ten minutes for this type of xenon lamp. Xenon compact arc lamps are designed for direct current operation and are done for better stability and longer life. Xenon lamps come in different wattage and can be operated in the vertical or horizontal position. A mercury-xenon lamp is a lamp that contains both small amounts of xenon and mercury. Xenon is used to start and maintain the arc, which creates the light, until mercury has vaporized.

Xenon lighting or better known as HID (High Intensity Discharge) lighting is a very popular with car enthusiasts as they install this type of light into their cars. Although, xenon lighting is more expensive than other forms of lighting, the quality of light being given by the lamp is very appropriate for night driving. As part of a style statement, xenon lighting does not only come in its natural white color but also comes in a variety of colors that can match the car’s theme. Xenon lighting comes in golden light, sun light color, different shades of blue and purple.