Mazda Mx3: Shining Through The Dark Ages

If there are the Dark Ages in the journey through history, there also are some gloomy years and periods in the automobile world. The late 1980s and 1990s was considered to be the Dark Ages for most sports coupes. And yet, beneath the gloom, there was one that stood out and had brought the line on forward. The Mazda MX3 was the chosen one. Amidst the dark sales and gloomy market for sports coupes, the Mazda MX3 continued to move forward and reaped in success. Despite the gloomy period, the Mazda MX3 soared and this period became known as its golden years.

The Mazda MX3 has the capacity to take in a maximum of four passengers. It made its public debut in 1992. It lived for a couple of years. The last year for production was in 1998, thus making the Mazda MX3 a six-year-old wonder. The design and construction of this sports coupe was based on the Mazda Familia platform that was known as the EC platform. Perhaps what made the Mazda MX3 a spectacle was its departure from the classic styling of the 1980s which was boxy and quite conservative. This vehicle sported instead smooth fluid lines that showed and exuded modernity and a higher sense of excellent and comfortable driving.

The Mazda MX3 holds no secrets and is crafted not to deceive. What you see is what you get. If you see modern styling and design, that is because the Mazda MX3 has unbridled and innovative performance parts that give life to the car. Two engine options are available. These are the 1.6 liter I4 and the 1.8 liter V6. The Mazda MX3 was marketed in different countries around the globe. With that, the company, Mazda, decided to market it under different names. In Canada, the Mazda MX3 was known as the Mazda MX 3 Precidia. In Australia, it was known as the Eunos 30X. In Japan, the vehicle was called the Eunos Presso, Autozam AZ 3, and Mazda AZ 3.

This vehicle not only made waves in the automobile industry. Truth is, it also made a splash in the movie theaters for it was used and spotted in several movies. In Dumb and Dumber, it was spotted in a convenience store scene. In Ransom, it was there in the final shoot out scene. The Whole Nine Yards, viewers saw a red Mazda MX3 parked in the driveway on the ride side of the screen. The Fast and the Furious also used the Mazda MX3. Other films and movies that had Mazda MX3s included Sweet November, Someone Like You, 15 Minutes, Analyze That, ALIAS, The Italian Job, Deliver Us From Eva, 2 Fast 2 Furious, Cellular, Saved!, Spiderman 2, Laws of Attraction and I, Robot.

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How To Get The Most Convenient Taxi Service

Availing taxi services in California is a convenient way to make traveling around the city and suburbs easier. Although there are various options in car services, many still prefer to have the traditional means of transportation and that would be the taxi service CA style.

California taxi service is a low-cost ground transportation that mostly roams on major streets to gather potential passengers. The passenger would tell the taxi driver his desired destination and then the latter would decide whether to accept or decline this trip.

Taxi services in Fresno operate almost the same as limousines and shuttles. They can be used as private rides for airport pick-ups, hotel drop-offs, airport transfers, and even on special events or occasions that require one’s attendance.

Just like picking a limousine provider, one should be very choosy when getting a private taxi transportation in Fresno, CA. Be aware that some taxis overcharge their passengers. Tourists and people unaware of the current rates are usually charged with 20-50% higher than the regular taxi fare.

Hiring a taxi service will make traveling to different places in the city much easier. However, one must select the right provider to reap the benefits of a comfortable but cheap transportation. Making a wrong selection will surely spoil the entire trip or worse, mess up important schedules. Everybody dreads poor taxi service therefore, when getting scouting for one, be very wise.

Always conduct a background check on a potential company to be certain of the services it provides. You can check on its records in the transportation department or wherever the taxi company is registered. Checking can be easily done via the Internet. See to it that a professional driver drives the taxi and that he is familiar with street names and alternative routes. Assess the driver’s promptness and attentiveness so you can be sure he is capable of getting you to your appointments on time.

There’s no denying choosing the appropriate taxi service these days is very difficult since there are hundreds of companies operating from city to city; not to mention the availability of the wide variety of transportation services like limos, shuttles, taxis or cabs. Boarding a taxi, however, is the fastest and most convenient way to reach your destination.

Gm’s Holden To Lay-off 600 Workers

In the news: General Motors Corp.’s GM Australian unit has announced last Monday that it will shed 15% of its workforce at its Elizabeth plant in South Australia State by the end of April. GM Holden Ltd. will offer voluntary redundancy packages to 600 workers who will be included in the 15% labor cut that GM’s Australia subsidiary will implement at its plant, north of Adelaide. Such is the result of improved efficiency of its automated assembly which allows the auto maker to maintain production with fewer workers.

But according to some analysts the cutting down of workers by GM’s Australian unit was due to the decline in sales of Holden’s locally built Commodore range as Australian consumers opt for smaller and more fuel efficient vehicles.

According to Rod Keane Holden executive director, manufacturing operations in an interview with reporters in Adelaide, ?If Holden is to remain as one of the worlds most competitive and flexible plants we need to be as efficient as possible. And at this stage we have more resources than we need to achieve that.? Holden announced the job cut at a meeting participated by both white and blue collar workers. The automaker has given the workers until March 21 to decide whether they would accept the redundancy and retraining packages offered by the automaker.

Keane also added that no jobs would be lost at Holden’s Melbourne engine manufacturing plant. It should be noted that Holden has already laid off 1400 jobs at its Elizabeth plant in August of 2005. Holden has currently 4050 employees and will be reduced further by shedding 600 workers resulting to 3450 workers at the plant. Keane also said that it is not guaranteed if there won’t be any more job cuts in the future. ?You can’t rule out anything in this business, obviously the market changes. We can never guarantee what the future holds.?

The decision for the job cut was also due to the decision of the company to end its production of the older VZ Commodore range and to focus on the production of its new VE models which according to the automaker is much easier to make.

For the past years Holden has invested A$532 million in the plant which has been described by Holden as one of the world’s most flexible and efficient plants. It is expected that production output will decline after the layoff from the current 620 cars to 520 cars a day and will return to its maximum capacity of 620 cars by October. Keane also said that they are expecting to produce 145,000 cars for this year.

The layoffs will surely humiliate Federal Industry, Tourism and Resources Minister Ian Macfarlane who even went to Detroit early this year just to report to GM?world’s largest automaker and producer of quality GM fuel pumps— and Ford Motor Co. that Australia is expecting more in return for the A$7.3 billion Automotive Competitiveness and investment Scheme that would support the industry through 2015. In a statement made by Macfarlane last Monday, ?Globally, the automotive industry is going through challenging times and the Australian industry is not immune to this. Holden is recognizing this and is making the difficult commercial decisions it needs to make to stay competitive in a tough environment.?

Similarly the layoff of the 600 workers will definitely hurt the federal Liberal National coalition government during the election in South Australia State where Holden is currently the largest private employer. The Elizabeth plant is situated in the seat of Wakefield which is held with a 0.7% margin while most of the plant’s workers live in nearby Makin electorate which held by a 1% margin. The car making industry of Australia employs about 70,000 workers which represents about 0.8% of Australia’s total workforce as of August of 2006.

Deciding Whether To Repair Or Replace Your Car

As a car puts on mileage, you’ll slowly come to a point where you aren’t sure if it makes more sense to repair the car or just by another one. While there is no black and white rule regarding the best course of conduct, there are a few indicators you can consider when making the decision.

Before we get to the penultimate issue discussed in this article, there is something to be said for taking steps to make your car last. If you do the basic maintenance called out in your owner’s manual, your car will usually last a very long time. Regularly changing belts, fluids and filters as well as keeping tires up to pressure can really extend the life of old Betty. Enough said.

What if repairs seem to be more and more constant? Logically, there comes a point where dealing with and paying for the constant repairs is just too much. While I can’t say repairs worth a particular dollar figure mean anything in this regard, most people do recommend using the 50 percent rule. If a repair costs you more than 50 percent of the value of the car, then it is time to buy a new one.

The 50 percent rule has its weak points. You might find the vehicle needs a lot of repairs although no particular one costs more than 50 percent. This would suggest you don’t need to replace the car, but your slowly draining bank account will suggest a different conclusion. If this seems to be the case, just use your common sense.

It should be noted that the value of your car needs to be measured against the current market in the auto industry. A new car is a pretty sweet ride. The offers being made by automakers are even sweeter. The recession has dropped the bottom out of the car market. This means there are a host of deals to be had. You can get cars for bargain basement prices. Even better, you can get them with zero interest loans being offered by the manufacturers. You need solid credit, but that doesn’t mean it has to be perfect.

Regardless, if you can get a brand new car for next to nothing, the decision regarding whether to pay for repairs on yours or get a new car may become very one-sided. Make sure to take a look at the deals out there before making your decision.

Hybrid Cars Is An Attempt To Make The Environment Green

As far as the progress in technology is concerned, the hybrid cars are perhaps one of the best inventions of technology. Now what are exactly hybrid cars? These cars have benefited the citizens of USA to a great extent in the sense that they have added a new tax incentive for these car owners.

The hybrid cars are actually fuel efficient car and it generally works on two types of motors. There is an electric-powered motor running on one hand while on the other hand there is a gasoline powered motor. Both these kinds of motors maintain a great balance and help to run the car in any kind of situation. The hybrid cars have a special system that can capture the braking energy so as to store it in an onboard battery.

When the car is in the idle stage for instance in the traffic signals or when the car is running at a low speed, the electric motors do not use energy at all. They get automatically turned off. On the other hand, when the hybrid cars run at higher speed they can give more power and run the car more efficiently.

When the hybrid cars run at higher speeds, the gas motor automatically gets kicked in to give a new feel to the driver while driving the car. While the car is in its running stage, the battery gets automatically charged. So when the battery gets low, the gas motor starts on its own and the electric battery starts getting charged. While charging, the hybrid never has to be plugged into the outlet. Even if the fuel gets over, the gasoline powered battery can greatly serve a good purpose in running the car efficiently.

The greatest benefit of the hybrid cars is that they are great to reduce the impact of air pollution on the environment. Normal cars emit a lot of fuel combustion containing carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide. These are greatly harmful for the environment. The hybrid cars on the other hand do not produce any kind of smog or combustion consequently reducing the impact on the environment.

Thus the hybrid Cars can serve a great purpose not only in terms of saving the environment from pollution but also from the shortage of fuel. When there is consequent shortage of fuel in the world, these hybrid cars would really serve a great utilitarian purpose.

It is because of these reasons that the popularity of the hybrid cars have increased to a great extent. Though they are little expensive and the complexity involved in the hybrid Cars are quite huge yet when it comes to the great utility purpose of these cars, it certainly exceeds every thing. Apart from the hybrid cars, technology has also brought forward other models like Lexus LFA. This car conveys a high tech image and is also designed to save the environment.

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