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2006 Acura Tsx Review


Entry-level luxury, with an emphasis on “entry-level.”

What’s new for the 2006 Acura TSX: Minor intake and exhaust mods boost horsepower to 205. Elsewhere, new wheels, styling alterations front and rear, driver’s seat memory, an MP3 input jack, a Maintenance Minder System, and a faster-thinking navigation system round out the long list of minor enhancements.

For most upscale automakers, small sedans are big business. They get sales numbers, draw in young yuppies, and sometimes serve as the brand’s cool, fast, fun model. Acura likely had these goals in mind when conceiving of the TSX, though they ended up taking a different approach than did most others.

Rather than designing the TSX from the ground up, Acura essentially used a shrunken version of the Honda Accord platform, then tuned the engine, suspension, and tires for an extra dose of performance. The result is a fine-driving, decently entertaining sports sedan, but in a class where excellence is common, “decent” kind of sticks out. For one thing, the TSX’s front-wheel-drive nature has it handling less than a BMW and more like, well, an Accord. Its Accord-sourced engine is two cylinders shy of a full load (meaning six), and compared to others, the TSX is a bit lacking in refinement and low-speed punch. Together, these factors take a toll on the TSX’s legitimacy as a sports sedan.

Performance aside, the little Acura measures up in most ways. There’s a full complement of luxury and safety features (including leather, power seats, sunroof, and stability control); navigation is the only real option. The front seats are great, and the stereo rocks hard (even if it can’t play DVDs like most Acuras). The only drawbacks are the TSX’s somewhat unsupportive back seat, and how the presence of the navigation system complicates the other controls.

Acura is also the most modest with pricing, as the TSX is nearly the only remaining entry-level luxury car that ducks in under $30,000. That might seem like a bargain compared to Lexus, Infiniti, BMW and the rest, but it’s fair to ask if those cars are its real competition. Leather seats and designer labels notwithstanding, the TSX’s hardware and performance are much more in line with cars like the Mazda 3 and Honda Civic Si, which start closer to $20,000.

Still think it’s a deal?

Cracked Or Damaged Windshields – Calls For Concern

Numerous individuals who have a cracked or chipped windshield might view it as a mere inconvenience — minor cosmetic harm that can wait to be repaired. Nevertheless, this is not the case. Materials utilized in contemporary vehicles have significantly improved overall safety, but even slight harm to a windshield poses a potentially serious safety hazard.

Damage to car glass can obstruct a driver’s view of the road. A small chip or crack might be in an out from the place at first, but left to its own devices, it can spread. This puts not only the driver, but also other motorists and pedestrians at risk.

In the unfortunate event of an accident, a windshield that has already been compromised is a serious threat towards the safety of both the driver and the passengers. If damage is already present, the glass is much more likely to shatter through impact. This results in one less barrier between passengers and also the road during a crash.

This concern is compounded by the fact that modern windshields are an important part from the structural integrity of the vehicle. Cracked car glass means that the car’s structure is weaker and less resilient to impacts. Particularly if the car flips, damaged glass may not be strong sufficient to prevent the roof, and also the passengers inside, from being crushed.

If the potential security concerns aren’t enough to send you off to the repair shop, it’s important to note that driving with a cracked or chipped windshield might be illegal in your area, resulting in a costly citation and a mark against your driving record. Repair can be cheaper than a ticket, and involves a lot much less hassle. In some states, citations for damaged windshields, among other vehicle equipment, could require a court visit to provide proof of repair. You might still discover yourself paying a fine, even after the necessary repairs are completed.

In the event of auto glass accident, check your insurance to see if restore or replacement is covered. Little chips and cracks can often be repaired by professionals, restoring your vehicle to security at lower price with much less hassle. This is another good reason to get slight damage repaired quickly, as it can save you the cost of having to replace the whole windshield later.

While there are numerous do-it-yourself restore kits, these are not recommended. Cheaper materials and inexpert application might not fully solve the problem and can impact visibility. Likewise, full replacement requires specialized tools and knowledge. A bad restore job is really a terrible security hazard and can cause water leakage that could damage your car’s interior. Both repair and replacement ought to only be done by a expert auto glass company.

A reputable car glass restore shop will be able to determine if the windshield needs to be repaired or replaced, and will do the job right to restore your car’s safety and structural integrity. Many professional car glass companies can provide OEM quality replacement and repair at a lower cost than a dealership.

Get Prepared to Be Nice to Your Car

Imagine yourself driving alone in the evening in a deserted road when suddenly, the car stopped. You didn’t see it coming and there was a sudden panic attack that you couldn’t even think what to do first. Should you go out and check the engine? What about the tires? And if you go out and check the engine and the tires, do you even know what to do? Are you familiar with the belts, the compressors and the oil? What about the tires? Do you know anything about tire pressure and when it is necessary to change them?

If you don’t know anything about these things, then it is understandable that you get panic attacks whenever you get stuck on the road with your car down.

Be in the Know

As a driver, you have to be one with your car. You have to be able to feel when your car is in good condition or when your car is having problems. You should be able to feel it with just how your car glides to the road as you drive, just as how your engines sound or how smooth your car turns to the left and right. You can sense it all. Now if you think there’s a problem, it’s you, the driver, who should be the first man to check out what’s happening, especially if you are far from repair shops and maintenance centres.

There are available readings or reference materials available in the Internet. However, these materials are limited. Those who have the price to pay can download different repair manuals which are available online. If you own a Mercedes Benz, there is an available Mercedes repair manual that you can read which will help you understand how your Mercedes Benz works and how to go about it in case the engine, the exterior and the interior get in trouble. There is also a Haynes manual onlinewhich is helpful to anybody who would like to master the about different car systems. Haynes manual online is one of the most downloaded manuals.

Do It Yourself Repair

Most of the usual problems drivers encounter in their daily driving are really not complicated. Usually, they are simple problems that arise due to the negligence of the drivers themselves just like forgetting to check the oil level of the car engine. The cause of sudden stopage due to drying up of oil may cause you inconvenience. When this happens, you just have to secure enough oil to for replacement

Another usual problem is flat tires. To prevent this from happening, you have to regularly check the pressure of the tires. It is also advised that you have a reserve tire on your car all the time. Having a Mercedes repair manual at hand all the time will give you background on changing tires. In this way, you armed with the knowledge of doing car repairs by more information please visit:-

Choosing Used Car Parts

Acquiring elements of an automobile is often a costly proposition. Nevertheless, you can replacement that using used car parts. Sometimes whenever a car or truck element is as very good like a brand new one. Presume you might horribly need a motor vehicle part. You could call your auto-parts keep. But typically spare part retailers can make you loose time waiting for weeks with each other to procure your current free part.

When you find yourself within immediate requirement for pieces, purchasing used parts might be a savior. You don’t need to loose time waiting for days jointly to be able to pursue your own supplier to deliver a whole new element. To produce up to get a absent as well as broken element, one can purchase a second hand car part instead. But you need to be careful although purchasing car or truck element. Suppose you discover how the element sent to you doesn’t function. Or it will not easily fit in your motor vehicle, given its requirements.

Below are great tips to decide on acquiring the car component:

– Determine the thing you need: Recognize effectively the along with size of the particular component essential to anyone. Make sure involving just what you would like before you shop for a second hand car component.

– Keep the previous spend a person to compare. When you get used auto parts, make sure to keep the old, damaged element to compare and contrast. You are able to see whether the actual used car part may in shape correctly along with your auto.

– Get a good auto technician: Make use of the program of a great mechanic that can very best determine if the car portion fits your prerequisite. An advanced novice technician, that will also be sufficient supplied you realize at length attack used car parts.

– Ensure that the element is returnable: Presume you’ve got ordered pre-owned automobile element and today realize that it does not suit your equipment, you’ll want to give back in which portion. More you will need to produce a brand-new order. There are several when you’re bound to an improper portion it doesn’t matter how carefully you’re planning as well as get. Ensure that the business is going to take back the part and supply you with a brand new part.

– Determine regardless of whether pre-owned part is wonderful for this fix. If you’ve got a chipped pursue lighting or a busted generator support, the right low-cost alternative is really a car component.

However, you need to obtain a new part for those who have broken down pieces similar to beginners, brake rotors and also alternators. A vehicle is simply system that will spins added wheels in order to press a person later on.

Probably the most crucial elements of an automobile are actually it’s actually engine. It’s the reason why you may push your pedal along with range from zero to be able to 58 within eight seconds smooth. It is a truly outstanding product regarding design then one of the most amazing models utilized on a daily basis. Used engines are also much sought after. You can obtain make use of automobile parts just like seep from online solutions. Used auto parts online are a good source of hooking up with companies of auto-parts. Take full advantage of the internet to obtain used car parts online. used auto parts locator.

Why You Shouldn’t Skip The Great American Trucking Show

Well the great American Trucking show is coming up in only a few days in Dallas, Texas. I would love to give away a weekend for two to go over to Dallas and enjoy a weekend of fun and trucking lore.

However, I”m not there qute yet but one day I will post a contest where you can win a trip to go to this great event. I would like to go myself one of these years I am always impressed by the trucks that I see from GATS. It is amazing what people come up with when they are being creative.

Independent truckers really take charge at The Great American Trucking show. They are the ones with the chopped and customized rigs that catch your eye. The coolest thing is many of the best looking trucks are actually 100% in service and not just for looks. Some of the guys stretch their frames and because they run over the road so hard and long they say it makes the ride smoother.

I like the trucks that take it all the way and have the truck and matching trailer custom painted with matching wheels all the way around. Reefers, flatbeds, and even step deck trailers. Its very inspiring to see this, one day I want a custom truck like this, what an awesome looking way to make money. This is what I think about when I see that tv show orange county choppers.

When I see what these guys can do with custom bikes I think about what real truckers are doing with custom rigs. I know one thing for sure only one of them can be used to make money. What would you rather have a customized bike from orange county choppers or a custom rig from GATS? If you have attended GATS and have some cool photos please send them to me I’ll post them online and share your stories thanks for reading, commenting, and sharing.


If you have some extra tickets to the show send them my way and I’ll see you there. It will be a blast also if you have a truck that is a part of the contest let me know we’ll upload photos and cheer for you to win, thanks for reading.

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