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Don’t Spend Needlessly To Buy A New Car – Consider Replacing The Transmission!

Sometimes you may have trouble getting your car into gear. Or if you have a manual transmission vehicle you may find the transmission slips on its own or shifts to neutral. Perhaps the engine of your car starts running, but the vehicle won’t run. Well, it’s official – you are having transmission problems! But no need to worry, you don’t have to buy a new car. You can get a reliable used transmission in Columbus GA if you know what to look for.

If you are a DIY-guru (Di It Yourself), then perhaps you won’t hesitate to go to a scrap yard or wrecking alley and buy yourself a used transmission in Columbus GA and have it installed into your vehicle. Usually, the scrap dealer will give you a 60 day warranty on it, so if there are any issues by then you are pretty safe. The challenge however is: What happens if there is an issue after the 60 days. Well, usually that means you are out of luck!

An alternate is visit a auto shop and look for a used transmission in Columbus GA. Going that route normally means that the shop selling you the transmission will have done some preliminary inspection and cleaning before selling the part to you. In most cases the auto shop will install it into your vehicle as well. When buying a used transmission in Columbus GA from an auto shop, as opposed to a scrap yard, you usually get greater warranty too. Usually an auto shop will give you between 4 to 6 months of guarantee.

In either case, the seller of the used transmission in Columbus GA will take pains to remind you that the product is “used” – meaning it has been removed from a previously owned vehicle and is now being sold to you. However, unless your vehicle is still relatively new with original warranty still intact and lots of road time still left, transmission problems are well worth solving by buying and installing a used transmission in Columbus GA. On the other hand, for a relatively newer vehicle, a re-manufactured transmission might be a better solution.

At the end of the day the decision to replace, repair or rebuild your transmission will depend on a number of factors – age of the vehicle, useful life left, cost to repair or replace. However, when buying your used transmission in Columbus GA, make sure the auto shop selling you the product is reliable and has been around for a while – at least 40+ years – in the auto business. Since the part is used, all the more reason to be cautious about installation. Make very sure that the auto shop employs trained and ASE certified craftspeople to carry out the removal, professional installation and expert calibration of the used transmission you purchase from them.

Cover Those Floors In The Garage With Rubber Mats

We actually had a mat on the garage floor at our house; it wasn’t a rubber mat or a professionally designed one. It was just some vinyl floor covering we took out from the kitchen. How wrong we were to use this. When we finally decided to throw this old mat out, we found that not only had it glued a nasty mess of slime on the garage floor but it had also left us with a big blue mark that is now irremovable to humankind. Yes, the kitchen flooring was a dark blue colour vinyl. Combining this with the engine oils, petrol spills and other liquids was enough to help dye the colour from the mats onto the concrete flooring of the garage. The end result: a massive cleaning exercise which was doomed to failure. A cost of nearly 500 dollars in failed cleaning bills, steam cleaner hire etc., not to mention a lot of useless elbow grease and wasted sweat. So after learning that lesson we decided it was time to go professional.

Some of the pros to think about when going in for rubber garage floor mats.

1. Since most garage floors are made of concrete, the oils and other substances such as green brake fluid slime and coolants will create a nice multi-coloured mess in the middle of the floor. These stains will be impossible to remove and in turn could actually decrease the value of your property by as much as 8%.

2. Insulation is always a problem in winter. Cold drafts can come in through the garage and into the rest of the house when the garage is not insulated properly. With the help of rubber garage floor mats and covers that can act as seal thresholds for the main doors, insulation improvement to the garage and the whole house can be achieved.

3. Garage mats and covers will also help decrease the noise level from the garage. When someone arrives home from work for example, the mats will dampen the engine and other noises that usually resonate through the rest of the house. And if your children enjoy noisy instruments like drums or bass guitars?

4. Garage mats and covers will also help with your parking too. They act as parking markers so that two cars can park in their correct positions at anytime. No more knocks and scratches!

So the moral of the story is as always, don’t try to save money by being cheap as we were; it?ll only cost you more money in the long run. We had to learn the hard way, that huge blue stain will be there forever and we will never be able to remove our garage floor covers. For expert advice, go check out the professionals. Companies like garageaccessories have a huge range of floor mats, floor covers and rubber covers. You can order online or phone toll-free. All orders come with installation instructions, tools and all you need to know for guaranteed floor protection.

How to Choose a Great Truck Driving School

If you’re considering learning how to drive a truck, you are embarking upon a journey that can at times be frustrating but will eventually lead to a greatly increased number of employment opportunities. Much like learning how to drive any vehicle, learning how to drive a truck requires a great deal of practice, a great deal of patience and a great driving instructor. The purpose of this article is show you to how to find the latter by selecting a great truck driving school. Here are the key things that you should look for.

Patient and Knowledgeable Staff

If you have ever taken a driving lesson of any kind with somebody that lacks patience, you will understand how important it to choose a truck driving school with great staff. Although, you can’t expect anything but a generic answer if you ask how good a schools staff are, there are a few questions that you can and should ask.

What qualifications do the instructors have? To be a great truck driving instructor, you need to know a lot more than simply how to drive a truck. They should have trained extensively for their position.

How long have the teachers been teaching? It takes quite a while to understand how to effectively be a driving instructor, therefore the more experience they have the better.

Safe Vehicles Designed for the Purpose

It’s very important to choose a truck driving school that has at it’s disposal, vehicles with the necessary safety features to facilitate learning how to drive a truck in a safe manner. The most well known and the most important of these features is the addition of a second steering wheel that allows the instructor to take over should the need arise. Not only does said steering wheel keep the learner driver safe, it can also help calm his/her nerves when first venturing onto a busy highway.

Opening Hours and Availability

While there is nothing wrong with small truck driving schools, the less staff and vehicles that a school has available, the more difficult it will be for you to make an appointment for a time that suits you. You should therefore always ask about the availability of lessons before making your choice. You should consider where the lessons take place, in relation to your home or work, and what time the last lessons of the day are. You really don’t want to find yourself taking less lessons than you need due to scheduling conflicts.

Price Comparison

Finally, a little bit of price comparison goes a long way when it comes to learning how to drive a truck. The cost of a single lesson and the availability of discounts when you purchase a number of lessons at one time, does vary quite a bit depending on the driving school that you choose. Therefore take the time to shop around for a little while and you are likely to be rewarded with significant savings.

Remember To Switch Headlights On In The Dark

The summer evenings come to an end all too soon and as soon as August begins to fade you can see the nights getting darker. They seem to get progressively darker far more quickly than they get progressively lighter, in the spring. When it is getting dusky in the evenings it is easy to forget to switch on your car headlights after you have been on the road for a while. It is essential you switch your headlights on as soon as you begin to see the natural light fading and it is not good practice to wait until the last minute. You are certainly not saving electricity.

It can be extremely annoying to see cars who seem to delay switching their car headlights on until it is virtually completely dark. You may be thinking that you can see fine and that you do not need the lights on to see the road ahead. However, what you must remember is that the other drivers may not be able to see you quite so clearly. If you suddenly drive from a junction or after overtaking a bus or cyclist, you may be endangering both yourself and other road users by not having you headlights on. See and be seen is the key to safety when it comes to using your lights.

In some countries it is the law to drive with your car headlights on at all times, even during the daylight hours. Whilst this is not necessary in Britain, it is essential you switch them on when it gets dark.

There are times, even in Great Britain, where it is eminently sensible to drive with your headlights on and that is during bad weather. It is quite possible to get heavy downpours and even hail in the middle of August. During stormy weather it is almost certain visibility will be affected. You will often see drivers switching their lights on to get through a patch of bad weather. The same can be said for winter snow when visibility can be significantly reduced and daylight can often be very dull even in the middle of the day.

It is a good idea to regularly check that your car lights are functioning well by switching them on when safely on the driveway at home or in a car park, stepping out of the car and checking that both left and right sets function. Headlights are easy to replace and can be bought more cheaply online.

Car Or Truck Battery Information And Ideas For Car Drivers

If the car motor isn’t running, however you’re listening to the radio, cd player, or have your lights on, the car battery is providing all the electricity. Your automobile battery needs to be recharged presently before it completely dies, leaving you with a car that won’t start and having to buy a brand new battery.

Here is the way this works. While your car’s engine is turned off, the battery delivers the necessary power to the rest of the system, plus during start-up (cranking). It in addition supplements the power from the charging system during intervals of high demand.

Your automobile battery charging system is the focal point of the electrical system. It consists of three main components: the belt-driven alternator, an assortment of electrical circuits, and a voltage regulator. The alternator supplies power to the electrical system and recharges the battery as soon as your car has started. Just as it sounds, the voltage regulator controls the voltage, keeping it within the working range of the electrical system.

The vehicle’s starting system uses more electrical power than any other in your car or truck. The starting system consists of three components which work in tandem: the ignition switch, the starter relay or solenoid, and the starter motor. The ignition switch is what controls the starter solenoid, which activates the starter motor. The starter motor after that turns the engine until your car starts. If your alternator light comes on, it may just be a busted belt, or you may require service on your alternator. If the car’s alternator isn’t working, or is just not engaged, you are going to be draining your battery while you drive. You should try to drive into the closest service station as quickly as possible.

If your car battery is utterly dead, you will then do your shopping for a new battery at a neighborhood service station that has ASE Certified Technicians. This way, you are certain that you are benefiting the absolute best assistance on which car battery is right for your driving use and your vehicle’s specifications.

Whenever you get your car serviced for other concerns, like getting your brakes checked, always insist on an inspection of the car’s battery. Many professional service station proprietors suggest a across-the-board check up on your vehicle at no charge, while you wait.

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