2010 Mustang From Ford

For years the Mustang has been an American icon. It is one of the few muscle cars that is not only affordable – but comes with the power that we all love to have in a car. For the past five years Ford has been using the same style and design that takes its cues from the late 1960’s model. But for the 2010 model they are switching things up.

Engineers and designers have improved the aerodynamics for the 2010 Mustang and redesigned many things. The basic theme of the Mustang has not been lost and still stays true to the inset headlamps and forward canted grille. The turn signals though have been repositioned into the pocket with the headlamps and seem to be slightly smaller.

The hood has been re-contoured and has been given the ?power dome? in the center of it. When you look at the edged you can see that the hood and the fender have been partially concave to leave a ridge that travels back to the A-pillar. The entire leading edge of the hoods now is able to curve down to help the airflow around the nose and over the top of the vehicle.

One of the things that people did not like about the 2005 model was the interior because it was made with plastic and rather cheap materials. That is why in the 2010 model Ford got rid of these materials and instead opted for an aluminum dash and trim. It is now smooth and looks much more sophisticated.

Ford decided to carry over the components for the drive train and suspension to this model. However, they did make some improvements on the V8 GT model. Paul Randle – the chief engineer – stated that the most current Mustang Bullitt has been labeled the best Mustang because it has the right amount of power and handling. That is why they chose it to be the baseline for the brand new GT model.

The 2010 Mustang GT will keep the three valve 4.6 liter V8 engine. It is now able to push out 315 horsepower and 325 pound-ft of torque. The air intake has been redesigned so that the fresh air will be drawn from behind the grille instead of from the wheel wall. The duct from the air filter box all the way to the throttle body has been redesigned and straightened to help reduce flow restriction. To make for a quieter ride they have added new sound installation.

There is one new feature that Ford will be adding to the 2010 Mustang. Electronic stability control will now become a standard feature on all models. It will default on the car. On the V6 Mustang model drivers will be given the option to turn this feature off. While the V6 model can switch it to a performance mode. The 2010 Mustang was debuted at the LA Auto Show and will go on sale in the middle of December.

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