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Automotive Advertising Adversaries Announced

A car is only as good as it sells. That is why car manufacturers take efforts in the way they advertise their cars.

One marketing strategy is to showcase one’s car in a motor show. Some of the more famous motor shows in the world are the Detroit International Auto Show, the Tokyo Motor Show, and the currently ongoing Geneva International Auto Show. These events offer a place for car makers to strut their stuff to the media, to automotive experts, prospective buyers and the general public.

While events such as the aforementioned motor shows offer a place for auto makers to show off their goods, a limited number of people can really afford to come and see the show.

Another way to sell cars is through ad campaigns using the media and the Internet. Scion, the youth brand of Toyota, is the foremost car maker to use Web ad campaigns in the hopes of attracting the younger generation who are more commonly linked to the Web.

Car makers also launched ad campaigns on newspapers and the television. Different approaches have been used by the players in the auto industry to sell their vehicles. Volvo, for example, launched a Freewill ad campaign to promote their C30 and their ad centers on the love it/hate it story line.

Another approach being used on ad campaigns is the Challenge strategy. Ford is currently using this approach to promote the Ford Fusion.

In connection with the way ad campaigns are shaping the auto industry, IAG Research, the ad effectiveness TV ratings company, has announced that they will be giving advertising awards to car makers in connection with the forthcoming New York International Auto Show on April 4. The finalists for the advertising awards have already been announced recently. There are five categories in all and the awards are based on viewer response collected by IAG from more than 20 networks.

The finalists for the Most Effective Overall Ad for non-luxury vehicles are the Ford Escape Hybrid, the Volkswagen Jetta and the Volkswagen Passat. The Ford Escape Hybrid ad features Kermit the Frog who talks about being ?green?. The Jetta ad, meanwhile, features an African-American male asking a white Jetta owner to teach him how to dance. And the VW Passat’s ad features women in the sedan being hit by another car.

On the other hand, the finalists for the Most Effective Overall Ad for luxury vehicles are the Lincoln Navigator, the Lexus LS 460, and the Hummer H3. The Navigator ad features Miami Heat superstar guard Dwayne Wade helping to build an inner city court. For the Lexus LS 460, the company opted to highlight the no-hands parallel parking ability of the luxury car. The Hummer H3 meanwhile was turned into a submarine by a man in its ad campaign.

Another category in the advertisement award is the Most Liked Ad both for luxury and non-luxury vehicles. The finalists which have captured the attention of audiences just like a Nissan brake shoe attracts the attention of auto enthusiasts are the Honda Pilot, the Jeep Wrangler and GM’s ad for their warranty. The Pilot’s ad features a troll stopping a family in the said SUV. Meanwhile, a lizard stares down at the Wrangler in the ad for the SUV. Cars flying above the street are featured on GM’s ad for their warranty.

The IAG will also give out an award for the Most Effective TV Launch Campaign for an Established Nameplate. The category’s finalists are the Nissan Sentra, the Lexus LS, and the Volkswagen Passat Wagon. The last category is for the Most Effective TV Launch Campaign for a New Nameplate. The finalists of the latter are the Dodge Nitro, the Nissan Versa, and the Toyota Yaris.

Driving In Bad Weather – Think of Trucks Making A Europe Delivery

If you are on the motorways over Christmas chances are you will see truck drivers making a delivery and it might even be your sales items or potential food purchases they are delivering. One thing we know is to leave space and drive slower in bad weather or poor conditions but there are also a few other points to remember when driving close to trucks in bad weather.

1./ If you are in a traditional family car you will be smaller, ligher and harder to see than the 17 tonne truck you are overtaking. The truck driver will be checking his mirrors and making extra checks of his own, so be aware of this before you assume he has seen you. Your car is also far more likely to stop quicker than the weight of the 17 tonne truck so bear this in mind when you overtake that you need to allow plenty of room before you pull back in and you will be shortening his stopping distances.

2./High winds. If you are a regular driver to an area, you will be aware of the potential spots for high winds and can prepare for them but be aware that these can still be un-predictable. High winds can turn over cars or lorries if driving without care. Be aware of this when you are overtaking trucks or other cars. Sudden gusts of winds can happen when you overtake a truck and if you are not prepared it can result in problems.

3./Pay attention to the early warning signs on the motorways and on the local car radios. If you are thinking of traveling make sure you can get traffic updates to know of the potential problem areas on the road. Especially when there is risk of fog or sudden fog patches. Motorway signs will warn of high winds, fog patches or long delays but its best to be aware of them yourself aswell.

4./This should go without saying but take regular breaks from the journey and even plan your rest stops beforehand. If the weather gets too bad or dangerous turn around and head home – don’t risk driving above your capability and driving knowledge.

See Like an Owl When You Drive!

Driving high speeds is exciting and sometimes it’s a guilty pleasure, especially for those who enjoy driving with the point of crossing towards racing in the future. Although it’s not really wise to travel at high speed, it can’t be denied that if only we were not as limited as having poor night vision, people could probably go for a more decent speed at night. Travelling at night in wide highways from one place to another can be dangerous. In fact a huge number of vehicular accidents occur at night times and most of them are through driving. Travelling by air is actually considered to be the safest means of travelling and the most prone to accidents is travelling by road. But people don’t need to become an owl to see perfectly at night while they drive, they can just enhance their automobiles with the use of HID Bulbs. With these bulbs drivers can now see at night more clearly which secures them because of the amount of light emitted through these bulbs.

Many thanks go to BMW for inventing HID Light Bulbs. Since then driving has become safer and more secure, especially at night. These bulbs that were invented by the German Automobile company contain a gas called Xenon that allows the bulbs to produce a sufficient amount of light which is comparably brighter than its predecessors. From the definition of HID which means High Intensity Discharge, the bulbs itself produces a very bright light which usually comes out in a blue a blue or white shade although most manufacturers are developing new colors. Like other products, they vary from one manufacturer to the other including prices because there are cheap as well as very expensive hid kits.

With the use of these bulbs, users are given many advantages. Aside from adding security to drivers and passengers alike with its bright light, the use of such is also proven to be economical as well. The Xenon component allows the German creation to produce a sustainable amount of light at a minimum amount of power. Despite this sustainable amount of light being emitted, the bulb only uses minimum amount of power thus consuming less fuel.

The thrill of having to go for a speedy rate at night will not worry anyone anymore with the use of HID bulbs. It secures driving at night because your vision is as clear as that of an owl and it allows you to save on fuel consumption! Its one light that maximizes its use at the same time minimizes its cost!

Approach Professionals For Car Stereo Installation

A lot of people think that installing car stereos is an easy task but slightest of the mistakes may cause unsightly marks or scratches on the interiors of the vehicle. Are you ready for this? Obviously nobody will be willing to take that risk. So it’s pretty good that you go to some professionals for its installation. Though there are lots of write-ups which tells that it’s quite easy to install such systems and you focus on the selection of the stereo only. But it’s absolutely wrong, you must hire an expert for this job.

It’s pretty advisable that you purchase the audio system from a company which provide installation service also. It will benefit you in three ways. The first benefit is that you will not have to conduct two searches for two different companies. You can easily find a company providing both products and services under one roof saving much of your time and effort. The second advantage is the saving. Most of the companies allow discounts on multiple and comprehensive deals. So having both the deals from one company will make you eligible for some rebate. And the third thing which goes in your favor is that the company will be wholly responsible for the work. If you go to different companies for purchase and installation of the car audio system and, god forbid, if anything goes wrong, both of them will put the blame on each other and you will have to suffer from their mistake.

The city of Denver is crammed with car stereo companies. You need to ensure excellent quality of the products and services offered by the company you want to deal with. You can select a perfect company among the huge multitude of these companies by paying attention to just a few things. At first, determine the experience of the company so that you don’t have to face any problems in the future. Experience brings efficiency to a company. It makes the organization able to tackle all the issues of their job area.

The second thing to notice here is the quality of products and services offered by the company. You can talk to your friends and colleagues about it. All your friends having cars may provide you some useful suggestions or opinions. You also have the option of visiting various sites which gather reviews from the customers of such companies and put it on display for those who seek information about them. Make sure that the company is outright perfect as a bad one may make you repent your decision in the future.

Information About Driver Medical Standards on Eyesight And Epilepsy And Diabetes

The measures are contained in a consultation on the implementation of European minimum medical standards for drivers. While UK standards must be at least at the level of a minimum standard, the UK is not required to relax existing domestic standards where these are justifiably higher than the EU standards. However, where the Secretary of State’s Medical Advisory Panel has advised that a relaxation in standards is consistent with road safety, the recommendation is that this is adopted as the UK standard.

Road Safety Minister, Mike Penning, said:

“Britain has some of the safest roads in the world and licensing rules have an important role in maintaining this position. We must make sure that only those who are safe driving are allowed on our roads, while at the same time avoiding placing unnecessary restrictions on people’s independence.

“We have taken expert advice on the latest evidence on eyesight, epilepsy and diabetes and believe these proposals strike the right balance in allowing as many people as possible to drive, without compromising safety. We would welcome views from anyone affected by the changes and will consider all representations before setting out our final decisions.”

The main aspects of the new standards are:


Group 1 – Cars and Motorcycles – A reduction in the distance that a number plate can be read from to test visual acuity. Currently, a number plate test is conducted at a distance of 20 metres, this will be reduced to 17.5 metres.

Group 2 – Buses and Lorries – A change for those who wear spectacles in how they are assessed. The eyesight test will concentrate on vision standards with the driver wearing their glasses.


Group 1- Cars and Motorcycles – Drivers who only suffer seizures whilst asleep would be considered for a licence after one year instead of the current requirement of three years. Drivers who suffer seizures that have no impact on consciousness or the ability to act could, for the first time, be considered for a licence after one year.

Group 2 – Buses and Lorries – For the first time, there will be a definition of epilepsy. The new EU Directives provide a definition as being “two or more epileptic seizures less than five years apart”. The Secretary of State’s Medical Advisory Panel on neurology is content with this definition for Group 1 drivers. However, the panel recommends that for Group 2 drivers, the UK treats epilepsy as being “two or more epileptic seizures less than ten years apart”. Therefore, for Group 2 drivers the DVLA is proposing to adopt a higher standard than the EU standard.


Group 1 – Cars and Motorcycles – Under the proposals, licences will not be issued or renewed for drivers with recurrent severe hypoglycaemia and/or impaired hypoglycaemic awareness.

Group 2 – Buses and Lorries – Drivers who are treated with insulin would be considered for all Group 2 driver licensing, providing strict medical monitoring is met. Currently, Group 2 drivers treated with insulin are restricted to certain categories of vehicle.

Source: DVLA

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