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New Car Discounts Are Easy To Get

When you search new car quotes

, you will come across many dealers who make outrageous statements like ‘this model is the latest one? etc. Some of these statements are true whereas most others are false. Dealers always look for ways to increase their profits and hence try to hide the fact that discounts are available on most cars after negotiations. The best strategy to combat such dealers is to keep the issue of price negotiation till the end. It is not advisable to discuss about the price or new car discounts in the beginning. Some buyers don’t find the approach logical, but this is one of the most powerful strategies for getting the best price. The reason for this is that the more time a sales consultant spends with you, the more he/she is committed to selling his/her product to you. For example, if a sales consultant spends time with you and explains the features and advantages of purchasing a new car, the chances of a sale increase considerably.

You may take a test drive and this makes them more committed to sell the car to you, as time and energy is invested in explaining the benefits of buying that particular car. It is noted that a dealer’s time and energy are precious at any level and this is one of the dominant reasons why you should know about the car first rather than talking about the

price directly. Employees of a dealership works for fixed hours every day and during this time, they have to achieve their daily sales targets. If they spend time with you, they are losing other customers during this time they would want to make the most of it, so that they earn their daily incentives. Whether you are looking for a new small car or a truck, this trick works the best with most dealerships.

Since, you know about the car after a free consultation, you become a potential customer for the sales person, and this makes them even more committed to convert you into a real customer. This is why you should always talk about cheap new cars for sale at the end of the conversation. It is recommended, that you get all your answers and take a test drive of the car before you are in a position to buy the car. And moreover, there is no extra effort needed for negotiating, so it is best if you give it a try.

Various Reasons Why Elderly Drivers Are Prone to Road Accidents

Road accidents happen because of a lot of factors. There is the ever-rampant driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, which could really turn for the worse if coupled with excessive speeding. Then there are certain types of distractions; from the use of mobile phones, putting a CD on the car stereo, picking up objects on the car floor, to outside distractions. Aside from these common causes, road accidents happen because of aging. How so?

It is said that teenagers who are beginners in driving a car are prone to road accidents because of their overconfidence behind the wheel. While that is true, there is another age group that is even more prone to accidents than teenagers. That age group is none other than the elderly; ages 65 and above.

Statistics show that there has been an increase in the rate of road fatalities in elderly drivers above the age of 65 that they would surpass the fatality rate of the teenage drivers. Aging is the main reason deaths happen not only to the elderly drivers but to other motorists and pedestrians as well. Their physical and mental framework continues to diminish at this point, which is why they are more prone to such accidents.

One factor that causes road accidents involving the elderly is the continuous deterioration in mental ability. Before, when they are in the middle part of their adulthood, they can still respond quickly through their reflexes. When their mental ability begins to deteriorate, they are rather sluggish and cannot come up with fast road decisions. They may even step on the wrong pedal; they wanted to slow down but instead they step on the accelerator.

Another factor is vision. They may still be able to put their eyes on the road, but their vision, as they continue to age, goes into a decline. Another would be the occurrence of ailments involving their joints and muscles. Aging drivers can still drive, but when arthritis and muscle pain strikes, they may have a hard time stepping on the pedal or accelerator, or even steer the wheel.

The elderly, despite their ability to drive, must know when to stop driving. These factors can, in one way, turn their driving leisure into a disastrous one. The Santa Monica personal injury lawyer handles such cases wherein elderly drivers may be held liable for their actions. They can avoid getting sued though by assessing their own health and their ability to drive.

How To Replace Your Feeler Gauge Online

There are a lot of tools out there that people use on a regular basis. If you’ve ever lost one of those tools that you rely on, it can be a big pain to replace it. This can be said of a feeler gauge or any other tool you put to use on a regular basis.

If you work in the automotive field then chances are good that you use a feeler gauge from time to time. This is a tool that a lot of people use for measuring and engineers also put it to work. It can help you determine information about different parts.

Most of the time, there will be two types of measurements you can do, imperial units and metric. This tool gets used so often by those who rely on it that losing it can be a huge pain. The good news is, you are not alone and there are now a lot easier ways to replace it if you find that you need to. One thing you want to consider is that if you are online, you will be able to find gauges like this a lot faster than you ever could have hoped to in the past.

What you want to do, whenever you need to replace a tool, is look for retail site on the web that offers them. You will usually find that a feeler gauge is going to be cheaper online, than if you try at a regular automotive store.

You may even want to consider buying a few of them if you have a tendency to misplace or break them, as many of us often do. What you will notice is that you can actually get them shipped to your home and still end up saving quite a lot.

That is a good thing, especially if you are involved in a business that uses these tools on a regular basis. You are not going to want to have to wait around for the stainless steel shim stock or other tool you need to be ordered from a distributor and then shipped to a store so you can pick it up. So ordering in bulk for items you use on a regular basis is a very smart idea.

Do remember that you will find a few shops which offer these kinds of gauges; you want to find a reputable shop that has good reviews by customers. This is generally going to be the smartest place to purchase from. You want to work with people that care about what they sell and who will make sure you get exactly the kind of feeler gauge you ordered.

Once you find that store, stick with it because you know you are going to eventually need to replace the tool again at some point. This is why online shopping is so popular: it’s easy and cheaper.

What The Acura Tl Has To Offer

Acura’s first stab at a small luxury sedan was the Vigor, a model introduced in 1991. Featuring an inline 5 cylinder engine, the car failed to compete against the BMW 3-series – its targeted market – and barely held its own against the similar size Lexus of the day. After three less than stellar model years, the Vigor was dropped from the Acura line up, but replaced by the TL, a car that truly has energized the Acura line up. Where the Vigor lagged, the TL has excelled: so much so the TL is the best selling Acura and a strong competitor against similar cars from Mercedes, Infiniti, Cadillac, Lexus, and BMW.

Sometimes failure is the strongest catalyst for change. Okay, the Vigor wasn’t a total flop, but it certainly wasn’t a car that could compete successful in the midsize luxury car category. As with so many products developed by Honda, the company is a quick learner and the evidence has been borne out in the TL, the most popular selling Acura on the market. The current TL is no slouch, neither will it bust your budget. Here is what you get for the princely sum of approximately $33,000:

Potent Engine — A 24 valve V6 motor powers this baby to produce 258 horses and 233 lbs of torque. Featuring VTEC technology, the TL’s engine squeezes out every ounce of power while producing an ultra low amount of emissions.

Tranny Wonder — A six speed manny tranny is standard and a 5 speed automatic shift gate transmission is optional. Both transmission choices work effortlessly and are precision tuned to provide maximum response.

Wheels and Brakes — 17 inch tires and aluminum wheels help the TL navigate every curve and bring the sedan to a sure stop every time. 4 wheel drive disc brakes, ABS, brake assist, stability assist, and traction control round out the safety features found in every TL.

Suspend This – For ultimate driving satisfaction, every TL comes equipped with an independent double-wishbone front suspension and a multi-link rear suspension. Add in gas filled shocks and stabilizer bars and you have a vehicle that can conquer the toughest corners as well as do justice on the famed Nurburgring race track.

Luxury Abounds – Creature comforts abound for the TL driver and its passengers. An 8 speaker ELS surround system envelopes the cabin, a HandsFreeLink makes phone conversation while driving a breeze, and heated seats ward off the coldest chill that a dark winter’s morning has to offer you.

Safety, Safety Everywhere – Front and side airbags along with a seatbelt tightening system provide the ultimate level of safety for all cabin occupants.

Now in its third generation, the TL continues to be updated to compete with the BMW 3 Series, its chief rival. Although most critics still give the 3 Series the engineering lead, the TL is proving to be more reliable in the long run. Count on Honda to further close the overall gap when the fourth generation TL shows up in about three years time: maybe, just maybe, we’ll have a new leader in the midsize luxury car class. If the TL does wrest the lead from BMW, current owners will not be surprised as they continue to heap praises on a car that already leads many consumer satisfaction surveys.

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