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NHTSA Eyes on Ford Recalls – Ford’s Mad

National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration have shifted their focus to certain Ford motor vehicles after they announced Toyota’s record fine of over $17 million. A problem with pedal entrapment problems due to unsecured or double stacked floor mats is investigated. The probe has since been upgraded to the engineering analysis phase that typically leads to a vehicle recall. Ford is not liking this one bit.

The government agency is looking specifically into the year 2008 through 2010 Ford Fusion, Mercury Milan and Lincoln MKZ that make up an estimated total of 480,000 vehicles. On May, the investigation initially covered nearly 250,000 vehicles but has since been upgraded.

“The accelerator pedal may fail to return to idle due to interference created by unsecured or double stacked floor mats in the driver’s foot well,” said NHTSA in its summary of the defect investigation.

It added: “A heel blocker in the floor pan provides a platform that may lift an unsecured mat into contact with the pedal.”

Ford is fuming from NHTSA’s accusations. They allegedly disagree with the process but will acquiesce with the agency’s requirements.

“We were disappointed by NHTSA’s upgrade of this investigation, particularly since the condition under investigation relates to improperly installed, unsecured or double stacked floor mats, but we will continue to cooperate fully with the agency through this process,” Ford told Edmunds on Monday.

The automaker noted that Ford’s all-weather floor mats “have instructions printed on the top of the driver’s mat telling owners not to stack them. The driver’s mat says: Do Not Place On Top of Existing Floor Mats.”

Ford claims that they have not been aware of any customer complaints about the installation of their all-weather floor mats because they were installed properly.

Typically, drivers experience the problem following hard pedal applications to pass to lower traffic or when they merge into faster traffic.

“Drivers allege continued high engine power after releasing the accelerator pedal and difficulty braking, including reports that the incident was controlled by shifting to neutral or turning the engine off,” NHTSA said.

“The agency has received 16 customer complaints that they have attributed to this subject, although they have received only one complaint within the past 16 months, and none of these reports involve any accidents or injuries,” said Ford.

According to the NHTSA, there have been fifty-two complaints relating to this problem. But they do not have reports on accidents, injuries or fatalities that connect with their investigation.

Prior to getting around in your vehicle, Ford or not, check that there are no obstacles that the pedal might face. Doing so could prevent serious injury. But if the accident is related to the manufacturers error, contact a car accident lawyer today.

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Reasons to Finding a Reliable Car Garage

When your vehicle breaks down, you encounter a lot of problems for a week or so unless you get it repaired by a professional auto repair shop in Epsom. And most of the times, the required repairs can cost you a lot of money. This becomes a little difficult for the vehicle-owners who are tight on budget, and so most of the people start looking for cheap and affordable car repairs in Epsom.

For some of the car owners, that means taking the DIY approach by carrying out the car repairs on their own. This might lead to more problems, specifically for people who don’t have any idea about vehicle repairs or with zero knowledge of the inner workings of the modern vehicles. It might also happen that, while they are carrying out the repairs, it actually becomes worse, costing you more money than what they actually expected.

Auto repair shops or garages in Epsom can offer you from car repair to servicing, mot testing or a touch up, to engine and brake repair at cost effective prices. To make sure that you have chosen the best repair shop in Epsom, most of the people look for reputed and established local repair centers or garages that will them the best services at the best price.

In order to find the very best auto repair shop in Epsom, there are many options. The very first, and possible one of the easiest ways, is to look for sale rates and coupons provided by the local repair companies. Even when you are enjoying an absolutely perfect and enjoyable drive on the roads, it’s still important to keep some of the cheap and servicing discount coupons, if you get any special offer by the repair shop.

Also, make sure to get quotes from two or more garages or repair centers operating in your locality. In this way, you will be able to know how much every garage or repair shop charges for the different services. So, you can find the one who will charge you the right price and also offer you with quality services.

If you look online, there are many online auto repair centers who can offer you with quality services at affordable prices. By considering all the tips, you can definitely make the right choice. Next time, you encounter any problem with your car; you know what you exactly need to do.

Important Benefits of Choosing Professional Driving Schools

In our modern world, driving is one of the most fundamental human functions. It is quite essential to learn how to drive as it can lessen the inconveniences of commuting from one place to another. Although there are different ways to learn how to drive, the most effective way is to enroll in a professional driving school.

Reasons to Enroll in a Professional Driving School

There are many reasons to choose a professional driving school to master driving skills and some of the most important advantages include the following.

Better social life: Being an adult, it is quite essential to know how to drive a car as it improves social life in many ways. Using public transportation can be quite annoying at times. Most people living in huge cities need to travel to various places. It is also easy to go on spontaneous trips when you know how to drive a car.

Independent: With the ability to drive a car, most people experience a sense of independence and self-reliance. No longer do we have to depend on others to drive us around. As an adult it is pertinent to know driving as it can be quite liberating.

Teaching methodologies: Most of the driving schools adopt excellent teaching methodologies to help learners master the skill of driving quickly and easily. Practical tests, mock tests, theory tests and so forth are conducted to evaluate the techniques mastered by the students.

Professional staff: Certified driving schools include professional instructors and staff that impart lessons to learners. Different methods are utilized by instructors in schools to help learners understand the basic of driving. These methods and approaches may vary from one school to another. It is therefore important to choose schools according to your requisites and learning capabilities.

Handle emergencies: One of the greatest advantages of knowing how to drive is the ability to deal with emergency situations. It can be quite difficult to find a driver in the wee hours of the morning during emergency situations.

Choosing Driving Schools

Choosing the right driving school can be quite a perplexing task as there are many service providers in the country. It is quite important to check a few facts before choosing a reliable driving school in town.

Enroll in driving schools that are reliable and authentic. Most of the good driving schools teach all the basic learning techniques so that it is easy to comprehend the signs and signals on the road. Basic maneuvering techniques are also taught by these schools. Choose schools that provide cars for driving lessons as these cars are often insured against accidents.

The instructors of the driving schools need to be professionals with authentic experience and qualification. Choose a professional driving school with an authentic license and certification to ensure safe and comfortable learning experience.

How to Pass Your Driving Theory Test

Passing the driving theory test requires considerable test preparation. At time of writing, there are two sections. The first of these is worth a total of 50 marks that contains 45 multiple choice questions and then a case study worth an additional five marks. The seconds a hazard perception test where the exam sitter must identify hazards.

The basic thing is be confident. All you have to do is don’t be nervous and believe with your own ability. Before the day you have driving test, you can practice driving by yourself with having a little trip with your friends. So, if the driving test day has come, you will not be nervous anymore. Believe in yourself and your ability.

Don’t be afraid if you are in the rudder. Sometimes when we hold a rudder, we will feel scared. Stop that! One criteria of being success is about courage. If you don’t encourage yourself, who else? This is important. Hold tight the rudder, drive enjoyably. Don’t ever think that you are the best driver. If you think so, you will not reach your success in your driving test.

As a minimum, if you are taking the theory test you should be sure to look at every question in advance of the test, and see if you know the answer. If you already do then great, but if you don’t know the answer, learn it. You should make a note of any questions that you got wrong, so that you can then check your knowledge against those questions again later.

While choosing the driving instructor, don’t go for the cheapest option. Always give priority to those to whom you go by reference. Referrer driving instructor is the best way to search the profession instructor. Always discuss with friends before you choose driving instructor.

During these lessons, the learner driver needs to remember what they have been taught by their driving instructor and should put the methods into practice. Compressing as many lessons as possible in a short period of time may not be good for all learners. If time and money allow, the learner should try to book in at least one lesson per week with a driving instructor and preferably two, for 1-2 hours per session.

Pass-test driving test software covers the multiple-choice part of the theory test, which is identical in format to the actual driving test. The driving theory test has two parts, part one is a multiple choice test of 50 questions and part two is a hazard perception test of 14 video clips in which you will have to identify 15 developing hazards. To prepare for both parts of the theory test we recommend that all candidates, regardless of driving experience, use our website preparation tests. That might come up in the test with very much useful functionality, which would help you in passing actual theory test. These are the questions from official DSA theory test question bank, from which actual theory test exam questions are taken.

Due Diligence For Buying Mercedes Parts

Mercedes parts help your Mercedes cars to looks better and perform better. They are readily available in the market and online auto stores as well, so you only need to decide which one to purchase.

Mercedes has created a niche among the car manufacturers and it is known to produce some breathtaking designs, luxuries and most advanced technologies. No doubt, the Mercedes always remains a notch ahead from its competitors and it is one of the most desired brands anywhere in the world. If you are the owner of Mercedes car then you might feel the difference while driving the car as it must be drawing lots of envious eyes to the car. But with the apt choice of Mercedes parts you can actually give a more customized looks and experience that is different from the generic Mercedes models.

Some of the important Mercedes parts include car cover, floor mats, hoods, bumpers, body kits, wheels, air filters etc. Some of them are used for experiencing enhanced comfort, some of these parts adorn the exterior looks of your car and some part tend to enhance the performance of the car like mileage, fuel efficiency and power. You can not buy all these parts at one go, so it is important to get them one by one and you can do this by preparing the priority list of your desires and the necessities. You are the better person to decide your priority like whether you want comfort and then luxury and then looks, and after that you will go for performance. The order has to be set by you and then you should prepare the list of each category.

For example, if you are looking for comfort then floor mats, extra cushions etc can be included in the list and similarly you can prepare the list for other categories. Once you have decided on the order and the list, it is time to surf the Internet for availing information because you will get to know the variations in the market as well as the price differences. This will help you to make informed decision that auger well for the car itself. Mercedes parts are available with many options like from OEMs, OES/ OEA, aftermarket manufacturers etc so you should also know such things for a satisfying purchase.

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